Intrexx Steady Track 10.2.0

Below you will find an overview of the features implemented in Intrexx Steady Track 10.2.0 and the changelog for Intrexx Steady Track 10.2.0.


The GroovyOrgBuilder (g_om) has been extended with the new method List<String> validatePassword(String, String, String, String).


Bugfixes and features, published on 11.11.2021

  1. Update to Intrexx Steady Track 10.2.0

  2. IX-10480: OData

    Problem: Resetting a dependency filter in conjunction with a static filter for an OData view table resulted in an error when converting the XML filter to an OData filter because the dependency filter then does not contain any elements.

    Solution: "Empty" filters are now ignored so the query is reset correctly.

  3. IX-10823: Chart

    Problem: Labeling of the column values is missing in the "Line-column" chart type.

    Solution: In the properties dialog, a label for the column value can now be specified (static text, language constants). The value is then displayed in the legend.

  4. IX-11379: Slider

    Problem: CSS styling on subelements do not work.

    Solution: Selectors are built in a different way so that styling works.

  5. IX-11703: Expert

    Problem: Dialog overwrites entry "emptyentry = false" in Expert tab if option "Input required" is set.

    Solution: Changes in the options of a listbox: If the "Input required" option is selected, the "First entry in the list is empty" option is no longer set automatically. Selecting an entry as a default selection is no longer mandatory for custom entries.

  6. IX-11905: Global search

    Problem: Global search does not resolve "query strategy" in the options and displays velocity code instead.

    Solution: The velocity variables for the query strategy in the global search are now generated and displayed.

  7. IX-12775: OData

    Problem: Input of OData services: Consistency check of aliases takes effect only on second opening.

    Solution: Consistency check is performed immediately.

  8. IX-13447: View table

    Problem: The styling of checkbox columns in view tables behaves differently from the styling of other column types.

    Solution: For new selectors, the default selector for individual styles for checkboxes in tables now affects the table cell in the same way as for other elements.

  9. IX-13576: OData

    Problem: When parsing Groovy script for OData functions, an error could occur due to invalid characters in Java class names if the script filename starts with a digit.

    Solution: Now a valid class name is created.

  10. IX-13602: Portal export

    Problem: Portal export with large files aborts.

    Solution: Tar archives now use a format that allows larger files in the export.

  11. IX-13787: Menus

    Problem: The "Vertical Menu", "Row Menu", and "Block Menu" menu types do not work as submenus on the web.

    Solution: Menu types can now no longer be selected as a submenu in the dialog.

  12. IX-14075: OData

    Problem: If you provide an OData service, you can specify the titles of the data fields. This adjustment is currently not transferred to the metadata of the OData service and therefore the change of the titles does not arrive in the service.

    Solution: Self-defined data field titles in OData Services are now correctly displayed in the service's metadata.

  13. IX-14165: lcappsearchconfig

    Problem: Obsolete entries in lcappsearchconfig due to missing reference to LCAPP.

    Solution: New foreign key constraint on LCAPP is now created.

  14. IX-14187: Dynamic view in tables

    Problem: In Dynamic View in view tables, the value can no longer be read with Javascript.

    Solution: Reading out is now possible again.

  15. IX-14228: File selection View in tables

    Problem: File names in the file selector View in view tables cannot be read with JavaScript.

    Solution: File names can now be read out.

  16. IX-14248: Search in applications

    Problem: Configuration of the search button is not effective in the browser.

    Solution: User-defined settings are now applied.

  17. IX-14427: Headless Setup

    Problem: When the setup is executed on the console with the -t and -c parameters, an NPE is created.

    Solution: NPE fixed.

  18. IX-14547: Cluster Setup

    Problem: When "upgrade existing node" is selected in the installer UI, "First instance" is not set correctly, leading to subsequent errors.

    Solution: The installer now sets the attribute correctly.

  19. IX-14563: Groovy

    New method in GroovyOrgBuilder (g_om): List<String> validatePassword(String, String, String, String).

  20. IX-14585: Tree element

    Problem: If a data record in the tree is changed by the administrator, the original user can no longer edit it via the tree structure.

    Solution: Now recordOwner is used instead of userid for rights checking. Editing is now possible again.

  21. IX-14599: Buttons

    Problem: Buttons may be without function due to a container binding that is not evaluated properly.

    Solution: The binding is now also evaluated correctly for composite reference keys. The button function is therefore restored.

  22. IX-14621: Application export

    Problem: Wrong export path if the last created export ZIP file was deleted from the directory and exported again.

    Solution: Export path is now set correctly.

  23. IX-14651: Updates in the Steady Track

    Problem: When updates are made in Steady Track, the personal settings for the Portal Manager are not applied.

    Solution: The path for the personal settings no longer contains a minor version.

  24. IX-14692: Scheduler

    Problem: Cleaning up a large number of scheduler log files lead to problems with process execution.

    Solution: Changed strategy for cleaning up log files so that blockages can no longer occur.

  25. IX-14754: Install Intrexx

    Problem: Error message when running if was not run before.

    Solution: Additional note text added.

  26. IX-14801: Performance

    Problem: Increased memory usage when using comboboxes and listboxes in Intrexx with Linux operating systems.

    Solution: Memory requirements for drop-down list and listbox optimized under Linux.

  27. IX-14811: Keyboard shortcuts when deleting application and process elements

    Problem: Do not work if the update notifier is visible.

    Solution: Error was fixed.

  28. IX-14815: Linux update

    Problem: When updating, the currently used daemon user is not preset if the current daemon user = root.

    Solution: Current daemon user is determined and preset.

  29. IX-14822: Portlet properties

    Problem: Pages were loaded into an existing tooltip. As a result, the tooltip could no longer be built correctly when the page was reloaded with Ctrl+R.

    Solution: Pages are loaded as a new TT.

  30. IX-14843: Undo / redo buffer for applications

    Problem: Setting the buffer size has no effect.

    Solution: Error is fixed.

  31. IX-14894: Slider

    Problem: Not fully displayed if adopt-dimension=false is set.

    Solution: View of the slider is now complete again when using the adopt-dimension=false attribute.

  32. IX-14853: User replication

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, a user is not assigned a group.

    Solution: Read order in Active Directory changed so that the group is assigned correctly.

  33. IX-14892: Upgrade

    Problem: Outdated are not deleted during update.

    Solution: Settings are applied to configuration.yml and the file is deleted.

  34. IX-14900: Temporary directory

    A separate temporary directory is now used, e.g. for JavaScript, Velocity and Groovy.

  35. IX-14907: Resource element

    Problem: The qs_class, qs_callback, and qs_calViewGuid parameters pose a potential security problem.

    Solution: The parameters have been added to the list of request values to be checked.

  36. IX-14916: Drop-down menu

    Problem: If a main menu item is clicked and it has no start page defined, the selection of a (possibly) previously selected menu item is not removed.

    Solution: The selection of a previously selected menu item is now removed.

  37. IX-14924: Upgrade

    Problem: Some href attributes are not patched on update, causing errors on the web.

    Solution: Href attributes are now patched.

  38. IX-14930: Calendar filter

    Problem: Language constant is not resolved in filter information with dependent calendar element.

    Solution: Language constant is now resolved.

  39. IX-14960: Chart

    Problem: Jumps to data records in the chart do not work correctly. Jump targets are lost when the browser window is resized.

    Solution: Jumps in the chart are now executed correctly.

  40. IX-14961: Modules

    Problem: Double-click on module in the Portal Manager displays a supposed charge state.

    Solution: State of the mouse pointer is corrected.

  41. IX-14964: OData provider

    An existing Intrexx user session can be reused when accessing an Intrexx OData service by storing the session ID in the EphemeralKeyValueStore and passing the key to the session via the rq_SRef parameter in the URL during the first OData call.

  42. IX-14968: Images

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, images are no longer loaded correctly after the update, with a corresponding error message in the log.

    Solution: Bug was fixed by using an appropriate method to generate the image URL.

  43. IX-15009: Navigation element of tables

    Problem: Meanwhile, the style class of a table pager can be determined by the user. This change was not reflected in the typescript, which is why the buttons on the navigation element no longer worked when the class was modified. Therefore, the Next and Back button arrows do not trigger any action.

    Solution: Table pager now works correctly again.

  44. IX-15017: Dynamic filters

    Problem: View Table does not respond when using a drop-down item with "Mandatory field" and "First entry empty" settings and then not selecting an entry from a selected item and then selecting an entry again. Only the selection afterwards works again.

    Solution: Handling of dependencies optimized in interaction with comboboxes and the "Input required" option.

  45. IX-15019: Menus

    Problem: Changing the ID of a dependent menu invalidates the structure.

    Solution: The changed ID is now updated at the parent menu.

  46. IX-15059: WriteContainer

    Problem: The filter criteria in a WriteContainer can get their value from Velocity. This value was serialized but was not read again when the application was reopened, and was therefore lost.

    Solution: The value is now no longer lost.

  47. IX-15069: Upgrade

    Problem: The update installer starts the Intrexx services after the installation, even if they were not started before the installation.

    Solution: Intrexx services are now only started if they were also started before the installation.

  48. IX-15080: Performance

    Problem: Poor performance of Portal.getOrgStructure() with large organizational structures.

    Solution: Improved performance of $Portal.getOrgStructure() by accessing cache instead of database. For rare cases where the changed behavior might cause problems, the new $Portal.readOrgStructure() function has been introduced to restore the old behavior.

  49. IX-15124: Connector for Microsoft Office 365

    Problem: Display of thumbnails in Office365 documents not correct.

    Solution: Templates were adapted to the current Intrexx version.

  50. IX-15126: OAuth2

    Identity Provider login errors during OAuth2 login are now also written to portal log (previously only visible in the browser console).

  51. IX-15138: Connector for Microsoft Office 365

    Problem: Drive items from external data group no longer contain download URL.

    Solution: Download URL is now supplied by Graph API under a different property name. This has been adjusted in the Connector.

  52. IX-15146: Pie chart

    Problem: JavaScript error when clicking on items in the legend.

    Solution: Error was fixed.

  53. IX-15149: OData-Connector

    The OData V4 library Apache Olingo has been updated to version 4.8.0.

  54. IX-15166: Groovy

    Problem: Safely.close throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException.

    Solution: Vector replaced with HashSet.

  55. IX-15177: Updates on Mac OS

    Problem: Unable to download updates on Mac OS due to an exception.

    Solution: Exception removed, download starts correctly again.

  56. IX-15198: Option field

    Problem: An option field defined as mandatory generates an error if no option is selected when creating an entry.

    Solution: Missing form attribute has been added again.