Intrexx versioning system

The versioning of Intrexx Steady Track has the following system:

Major version

The first number indicates the major version of Intrexx. The major version is increased only after very major changes of Intrexx. This may be the case every two years.

Minor version

The second number indicates the minor version of Intrexx. The minor version is incremented with each update of Intrexx Steady Track.

Patch level

With the Intrexx Steady Track, the patch level is always 0 (null).


The date indicates when the version was released. The date must be read from right to left.

Build version

The build version is an Intrexx-internal number.

Identify Intrexx version

You can identify the Intrexx version you are using by clicking on the menu item "Help > About Intrexx Portal Manager" or by pressing the key combination "Shift + F1".