First steps

Welcome to Intrexx Steady Track! This page contains instructions for starting Intrexx after installation, licensing it, and creating a first portal.

Start Intrexx

Start the Portal Manager (Server)


You can also pin an Intrexx icon to the taskbar via the Windows Start menu.


Start the Portal Manager

The Portal Manager is not provided with Intrexx.


You can also download the Portal Manager in the Intrexx Support Center under "INTREXX DOWNLOADS".

The Portal Manager does not need to be installed.


On Windows, you can start the Portal Manager by double-clicking on the file "IX-manager.exe".

Using the right mouse button, you can also add the Portal Manager to the Windows Start menu and pin an icon to the taskbar.


On Linux systems, you can start the Portal Manager by running the "" file.

License Intrexx

After you start the Portal Manager Serverr), a red bar appears in the lower area informing you about the remaining duration of your trial license. Once you have licensed Intrexx, the red bar will no longer be displayed.

You can find out how to license Intrexx in the section Licensing.

Create a portal

You can create a portal immediately after installing Intrexx by activating the checkbox "Create portal" and then clicking on "Finish".

You can also create a portal in the Portal Manager or from the Windows Start menu.

For detailed information about creating portals, see the following sections:

More information

Switch and register the portal server
Open modules
Main menu functions