Silent Track and Steady Track

From autumn 2021, you will be able to choose between two so-called release tracks with Intrexx. There is the Steady Track and the Silent Track.

By choosing a track, you decide how quickly and how frequently you want to receive new features for Intrexx.


With Steady Track for Intrexx, you are always up to date. As soon as a new feature is released, you will be notified of it when you start Intrexx. You can then download the update and install it when it suits you. So you don't have to wait until the next major Intrexx version to be able to use new features.

With the Silent Track for Intrexx, you choose the more conservative route. While the updates for the Steady Track contain new features and, if applicable, bug fixes, the updates for the Silent Track only contain bug fixes for a certain period of time.



Once a year, the Silent Track receives an update with features. At that point, the Steady Track and Silent Track are at the same level.


At one of these so-called sync times you can switch from Steady Track to Silent Track.

You can switch from the Silent Track to the Steady Track at any time.

You are not forced to download and install updates with the Steady Track. You can also omit or skip specific updates.

More information

You can also find more information about the Intrexx tracks on our website: