A photo album is created in three steps:

  1. Create photo album

  2. Upload photos to album

Videos and files can also be uploaded to an album. The following chapters will guide you through the creation of an entire album.

Create photo album

Click on "Photos" in the Navigation portlet. Click on "Create photo album" to create a new album.

Enter the title and description of the album here. A preview image can then be uploaded.



Later, the photo album will be visible only to the users you select here. If the photo album is shared to an Intrexx Share group, then the users of the Intrexx Share group are kept synchronized in the album. Click here for more information about synchronization. Click here for more information about the distribution list.

For contacts

The photo album can only be viewed by contacts.


The photo album can only be viewed by the creator.


Public albums can be viewed by all Intrexx Share users.

Authorized users can edit photos

This setting is only available if the visibility is not personal. The corresponding group of people can then edit the images in an album.

Create a post on News that a new album was created

With this setting, a post will be created in the "News" module that the album is now available. Click here for more information.

"Photos" start page

The start page of the "Photos" module is a portlet with the title "Photos". Click here for general information about portlets.

At the top right here you will find the "Create photo album" button, which can be used to create a new photo album.


The list of existing albums can be narrowed down using the following filter buttons:

  • Mine

    Displays all the photo albums you have created.

  • Public

    Displays all albums whose visibility is set as "Public".

  • Albums from my contacts

    Displays all albums whose visibility is set as "For contacts".

  • Other

    Displays all albums whose visibility is set as "Restricted".

Search field

To the left of the "Create Photo Album" button, you will find a search field that can be used to search for terms that appear in the title or description and the creator. The list of albums will be filtered accordingly.

Photo albums

All photo albums are listed at the bottom of the page. The preview image is displayed on the left, and the visibility setting is displayed on the right. Below that you will find the creator and the number of photos in the album.

Clicking on the title or thumbnail of an album opens the Photos page.


The page consists of two parts: The "Photo Album - Info" portlet, which shows the album data, and the "Photo Album - Photos" portlet, which shows the photos. Click here for general information about portlets.

Photo album - Info

Clicking on the title of the album will update all the photos. The preview image of the album is on the left. Information about the title, creator and the description of the album is on the right.

Number of photos

The number of included photos is displayed here. Clicking on this button updates the photos at the bottom of the page.


Album creators will find the "Options" button here. Clicking on it opens the "Options" menu.

Album creators will find the "Edit" option that opens the edit page where the data can be changed. The "Upload images" menu item has the same function as the "Upload images" button, which is described below.

Photo album - Photos

The list of photos can be displayed in two ways.


The individual photos of the album are displayed. Click here for more information about the gallery.


The posts that are automatically created when images are uploaded are shown here. Click here for more information.

Upload photos

Click the "Upload photos" button here.

Photos can be uploaded to the album here - you can upload multiple files at once as needed. The following formats are permitted: svg, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and tif. Videos and other files can also be uploaded to an album. Click on "Save" when you are finished. When you save, a post is also created automatically, which allows you to comment on the photo later, for example. Click here for more information.

After that you will see the complete album - in the upper part the preview image and the album data, below it the individual photos you have uploaded. Click on one of the photos.

Gallery view

The album is shown as a gallery. If you click on the play symbol at the bottom right, you can view the album in a slideshow. Once you click on play, the button will change to a pause symbol that allows you to pause the slideshow as needed.

To close the gallery, you can click either on the close symbol at the top right or on the black area around the photo. You can also leave the gallery view by pressing the ESC key.

"Like" action and comments

Below each photo, you can see the total number of Likes and the total number of comments added to the photo. Clicking on the black bar under a photo opens a page.

This is the post that was automatically created when the photo was uploaded. At the top, you can see which album the photo is from. Clicking on this link will take you back to the "Photos" page. You will see the profile picture and the name of the creator below it. Clicking on this will take you to their personal page.

Clicking on "Options" opens a menu.

Edit post

Opens the input page where you can edit the content of the post.


With this menu item, posts for the individual photo can be moved to other locations in Intrexx Share.

To do this, you will find three buttons at the top of the page.

Move to a personal page

Moves the post to a personal page.

Enter the name of the user, whose personal page the post should be moved to. The visibility can be edited here and a comment can be added.

Move to a group

Moves the post to a group.

Select here the group the post should be moved to. A comment can be added here as well.

Move to an event

Moves the post to an event.

Select here the event the post should be moved to. A comment can be added here as well.

Report post

You can report posts with inappropriate content here. The Intrexx Share administrators will be notified of this automatically.

Activate/Deactivate notifications

Click here for more information.


When the photo was added to the album is shown beneath the creator's name.

Clicking on "Information" displays the creation date and the date of the last modification with its time.

Below you can see the photo. It can be opened in original size by clicking on it. You can like the photo by clicking on "Like". The total number of likes is displayed to the right of the button.

A comment can be written and files can be uploaded in the lower area. Click on "OK" to save the entries.

Photo album plugin

The plugin for photo albums and photos performs two tasks:

Create post for new photo albums

New photo albums are displayed in the "News" module in a post.

Create post for new photos

A post is created for each photo so that it can be liked and commented on. These posts can be accessed on the "Photos" page.

You can subscribe to the photo albums and therefore to the posts created per photo or album via the filter in the News module. Click on the "More applications" link on the page that follows to subscribe to the albums afterwards.

If an album is commented in the News module, then the comments will also be displayed in the album in the "Photos" module and vice versa.