You can invite other Share users to events and keep track of who is taking part in the "Events" module. Click on "Events" in the Navigation portlet.

Create event

Click on "Create event".

You should at least specify a title and the start and end of the event. All other fields are optional. The event creator is preselected as an attendee, but must confirm his or her own attendance for the event.

If the option "Online event" is selected, you will find the "Online event" edit field here, in which you can enter a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting. Attendees can click on an appropriate link later and join the meeting directly.

Create a post on News that the event was created

With this option, you can bring users' attention to a new event. Subscribers to the "Events" app will then see a post that notifies them of the event on their News page.


In principle, there are two types of events: A public event is visible to every Intrexx Share user. The user can directly confirm or decline attendance without a specific invitation. A private event is only visible to invited participants. These can accept or decline the invitation.


Saves all entries.

Edit event

If you click on the title of an existing event on the "Events" start page, the selected event can be edited.

The page consists of two parts: The "Event - Info" portlet, which shows the event data, and the "Event - Content" portlet, which shows the content of the event, such as the posts. Click here for general information about portlets.

Event - Info


The event image is displayed here on the left. Clicking on it will update the content area. To the left you will find the most important event data: The visibility, the event name, the creator of the event and the description.

On the right you can see the date range of the event, which can be exported as an .ics file by clicking on the "Export date" link.

Please note that a change in the calendar where you use the ics.file has no effect on the Intrexx Share event. The calendars are not synchronized.

For online events, you will also find the note "Event takes place online" and the link "Click here to join online".

A button is also displayed based on your attendance. Click here for more information.


The number of attendees who have agreed to join the event is displayed here. Clicking on this button opens a page where the attendees can be managed. Click here for more information.


All files you add in posts are accessible by clicking the "Files" button here. Click here for more information about posts.


Clicking on "Options" opens the "Options" menu. The button is displayed only if the current user is the creator of the event.


Opens the page where the event data can be edited. Click here for more information.

Show/Hide posts on News

Here you can activate or deactivate whether event posts are displayed in the News module. More information about this topic can be found here.


Deletes an existing event. Participants will not be notified of this. The event will be marked for deletion first and then deleted via a process later.

Event - Posts


As usual, you can create new posts . These posts are assigned directly to the event and - depending on whether the event is public or private - also displayed on the News page. The event's posts are visible to all users who also see the event. Click here for general information about posts.


The "Attend?" button can be found on the "Event - Info" page.

It is also available in the event posts, which appear in the News module.

There are three options available when you click on this button:

You will attend.

The button will change to "Attending".

You say yes with reservations. Your attendance is still unsure.

The button will change to "Maybe".

You will not attend.

The button will change to "Not attending".

As soon as you have said whether you can attend, you can add posts to the event.

Manage attendees

Attendees can be managed on the "Event info" page. Here you can see the page with the overview of the attendance status of the invited users. Clicking on one of the profile pictures displays further profile data, provided that these have been released. In the second column of the list the attendee's name is displayed, in the third column his/her attendance status (Committed, Unsure, Invited).

Click on "Add attendee" to open a page where you can add more attendees. Click here for more information. Only the event creator can see the button.

"Events" start page

All events, to which you have been invited, which are public or which you have created are shown here. You have access to the same functions that you already know from creating an event here as well.

This page is a portlet with the title "Event". Click here for general information about portlets.

At the top right here you will find the "Create event" button, which can be used to create a new event.


The list of existing events can be narrowed down using the following filter buttons:

  • Mine

    Displays only the groups you have created

  • Invited
    Displays the events you are invited to

  • Declined
    Displays the events where you have declined the invitation

  • Other
    Displays the events you are not invited to

  • Archived
    Displays the archived events.

Click on Show/Hide filter to save or reset the current filter setting.

Search field

To the left of the "Create event" button, you will find a search field that can be used to search for the event name, creator and description. The list of events will be filtered accordingly.


Events can be viewed by clicking on one of the following buttons:


This view is the default view.

The event image is displayed on the left side of each event tile. To the right of this you can see the visibility status. Below that, the event name, the length of the event and the number of attendees are displayed.

Clicking on the event name or the image opens a page where you can find the event's posts.

On the individual tiles, the "Participate?" button is displayed on the right. It is labeled differently and also functions differently depending on the user's participation status.

Calendar plugin

The calendar view shows the past and future events.

Click here for general information about the calendar functions.

Event plugin for News posts

New events or posts from events can be displayed in the "News" module.

You can subscribe to the events via the filter in News. Click on the "More applications" link on the page that follows to subscribe to the events afterwards.

If a post from an event is commented in the News module, then the comments will also be displayed in this event and vice versa.