Install Intrexx

You can use Intrexx as an on-premises version and install it in your own infrastructure. You also have the option of using Intrexx as PaaS (Portal as a Service)


With the on-premises version, you run Intrexx on your local infrastructure. You also host your portal (usually) in your infrastructure on the web server delivered with Intrexx.

With the on-premises option, you have to install the Intrexx components yourself. This does not apply to the Portal Manager. This does not need to be installed. You simply need to download it. You can then start it right away.


You also have the option of installing Intrexx in the (own) cloud. More information is available in the section Cloud - Install Intrexx.



With the PaaS option, Intrexx is hosted by United Planet in a German data center. You only need the Portal Manager to connect to the Intrexx server. You do not need to install anything to use the PaaS option. The Portal Manager also does not need to be installed. You simply need to download it. You can then start it right away.

Your portal is also hosted by United Planet.

For more information about PaaS, please visit our website:

An overview of the different installation options can be found on our website at the following link: Installation options

The following chapters describe the installation of Intrexx for the on-premises option.


The instructions are intended for people who install and administer software in the operational infrastructure.

A distinction is made between the Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. For the respective operating systems, you will find a description of the installation via the graphical user interface of Intrexx and via the command line or via a terminal.

Portal users

If you only use the portal, for example to enter data or display information, then the following sections are not relevant for you.