Search in applications

In all Intrexx applications, you will find a main page with the title "Search" where users can search for terms within the application. In addition, other search configurations can be created with the help of the Search element or a button with the "Search" action. A search in an application can be activated for the global search, which is implemented across the whole portal, in the properties of a search configuration. This means that this configuration is available both in the system application Global search as well as for the additional control Search from the "Design" module. The Search element, which you can find in the Elements area, is made up of three individual parts:

  • Search field

  • Search button

  • Table for search results

Here is the corresponding appearance in the browser:

On the “Actions” tab in the properties dialog of the button, you can define the search configuration, the search field, and the way the results will be shown.

The action type "Search" must be selected here.



Select the desired search configurations here.

Edit search configuration

Click on this button to create new configurations or to edit existing configurations.

Search field

Select the element which should be used as the search field here.

Number of search results

Here, determine the maximum number of results which should be displayed in the results table.


Select your preferred ranking method. As well as the hit score, meaning the hits with the highest quality, you can also include the date weight; this means that the newest hits will receive a higher ranking. By selecting "Portal default", the settings from the Tools module are used.


Specify the sorting of the hits here. The sorting has more weight than the ranking method, i.e. the selected ranking method might not be taken into account.

  • Portal default

    The settings from the Tools module are used.

  • By ranking

    Sorts based on the selected ranking method.

  • By date

    Sorts by date.

  • By application priority + ranking

    Sorts by how often applications that contain the hits are used and the ranking.

  • By application priority + date

    Sorts by how often applications that contain the hits are used and the date.

  • By application title + ranking

    Sorts by the title of applications that contain the hits and the ranking

  • By application title + date

    Sorts by the title of applications that contain the hits and the date

  • Individual

    The sorting "Custom" is used for user-defined settings.

Search strategy

The settings from the Tools module are used.

Edit search strategy

Opens a dialog where the search strategy can be configured.


Show search settings

In the browser, a button will be displayed which allows you to make additional search settings.

You can define which options are available here in the Tools module and in the search configuration's settings.

Show search tabs

Search tabs are links beneath the search field which are configured for special searches, e.g. search for users. With the setting "Show search tabs", search tabs that have already been defined will be shown in the browser.

Enable creation of search tabs

With this setting, the link "Tab options" will be shown in the browser, which allows users to create new tabs.

Tabs created in the "Default settings", which is only accessible by administrators, are available to all portal users. In the "Personal settings", the tabs are only available to the user who created them.

Enter a title for the new search tab. In the search field you can search for search configurations, for which the current user has sufficient permission, across the entire portal. To do that click on "Search". Furthermore, search configurations from the current application can be activated by selecting the corresponding control box. The tab can be set as a mandatory tab for all users. With the setting "Floating arrangment", the results will be arranged next to one another.

If individual tabs have been created, these will be shown beneath the search field. If you click on a tab, the search configuration configured for it will be used for the search.

Enable moving of search tabs

With this setting, the order of the tabs in the list, which is reached via the link "Tab options", can be modified.

Drag the tab using this symbol to the desired position.

The following applies: the higher a tab is in the list, the further it will be shown to the left in the browser.

Show search suggestions

Here, you can define whether search suggestions should be provided or not.

Show search filter

With this setting, the facets (categories), which you can assign to the application's data fields in the search configuration, and tags - will be shown next to the search results, if the search is configured for tags and a tag result is clicked on. Search results are shown beneath the facet to which the result is assigned. Clicking on this result will filter the results list. In the system application Global search, the applications, where the results were found, will be listed here as well. With this setting, you can select whether the facets should be shown positioned to the right or left of the search field and results.

For technical reasons, facets are unfortunately not subject to permission checks. Therefore, users can potentially see facets, which were generated in an application and which they do not actually possess read access for, during the search. This however has no effect whatsoever on the display of the search hits. The user's permissions are always checked before the search results are shown.

Result options / Show result list in


Select the table where the search results should be shown here.

Click on search result

  • Main page

    With this option, the content of a hit will be shown on a main page of the application.

  • Tooltip

    With this option, the content of a hit will be shown in a tooltip.

You will also reach this dialog if you select the

"Search" action for a completely normal button. In this case, you must put together all elements that are required for the search. Among others, you will require an empty group for showing the results. Therefore, group an element of your choice and then drag it out of the grouping onto an empty position on the workspace.

Searching in SharePoint fields and documents

To search in SharePoint fields, Intrexx filters can be applied to tables and controls as usual.

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