Event sources

Global timer

A global timer can create time-controlled tasks once it is configured in the process and the process has been published on the server. These tasks will be listed and described in the Tools module. A global timer can also be started manually here. Events generated by a global timer can be responded to by a timer event handler associated with it. A global timer can also be started manually via the Edit menu / Start global timer job.

IMAP event source

This event source monitors a folder on an IMAP email server and generates an event when an email message is received, for example.

It is also possible to access shared folders with an IMAP event source. The necessary settings for this can be set in the properties dialog on the "Options" tab in the IMAP provider settings. The corresponding help you get there as ever with F1.

Generic event source

Java classes, even from third party providers, can function as generic event handlers as long as they implement the IWorkflowEventSource interface. Click here for more information.