Intrexx Share 3.1



In the "Polls" module, you can create polls for your organization. "Polls" is an independent application that is included in the import packet of Intrexx Share and can be positioned freely in the portal menu structure. When you open "Polls" in the browser, you will still have access to the Intrexx Share Navigation portlet. The functions and appearance are identical whether you open "Polls" from within Intrexx Share or not. All polls are automatically shown in the News module.

Create poll

If you click on "Create poll", a menu will open.

I would like to find a date

You can search for a suitable date with this type of poll.

Event name / Description

Provide the event with a title and description to begin with.


One or more corresponding files can be uploaded here.


Select a category here.

New category

You can create a new category by clicking on this button.

Poll duration (from - to)

Define a start and end date for the poll here.

Poll should be anonymous

With this setting, the username will not be recorded or displayed when a user votes.

Mark poll as: Important / Urgent

With these settings, the poll can be marked as important and/or urgent.


Saves the entries up to now and goes to the next step.

Add date suggestion

Opens a page where a date can be suggested. Enter a date and time and then select a color for the suggestion. Enter a date and time and then select a color for the suggestion. You can also upload an image and any number of files for the suggestion. Click on "Save" when you are finished.

Define sorting

Opens a page where the order of the suggestions can be adjusted via drag & drop. Click on "Save" when you are finished.

Further settings

This link opens a area with more settings.

Multiple selections allowed

With this option, users can select multiple dates when voting.

Participants can add new options

Participants can add new date suggestions when taking part in the poll.


Move the users who at to take part in the poll from the "Select entries" list to the "Selected entries" list by clicking on the

"Select marked entries" button.

Save as draft / Publish

You can initially save the poll as a draft if needed. You can edit and publish it later. Published polls will be shown in the "Polls" portlet for the defined duration.


Click on "Save" to save the poll.

Make a decision

With this type, you can create a poll and allow users to choose from different options. Provide the poll with a title and question to begin with. The other options correspond to the options for the "Find a date" poll. Click on "Next".

Add option

Opens a page where answer options can be added. The settings correspond to those of the "Find a date" poll. The remaining settings in the poll creation also correspond to those of the "Find a date" poll.

"Polls" portlet

All polls are shown here. The category assigned to the poll is shown at the top of each poll tile.

Click on the poll title to open a page with the same information and functions from the "Polls" portlet and a "Visible to" link that allows you to see who the poll has been released to. You can also see if the poll is anonymous and comment on the poll by clicking on "Add a comment". You can comment on the poll by clicking on "Add comment".

The poll's description and duration is shown beneath the title.

The poll creator and the number of comments are shown at the bottom of the tile.


Click on "Vote".

As the poll creator, you will see a table with all of the options at the bottom of the page. You can adjust these from this page if needed. Vote for an option by clicking on it and then clicking on "Save".

Click on "Result" in the Polls portlet to view the current poll results.

The votes for each option and the total number of votes are shown here. These are always up to date. Click on "Change vote" if you want to change your vote.

3.2. Options

Click on to open the options menu for the respective poll. The menu items correspond to the poll type: "Find a date" and "Make a decision".


Opens the first page of the creation wizard where the data can be edited.

Options / Suggested dates

Opens the second page of the creation wizard where the options / date suggestions and the release can be edited.

Add options / Add date suggestion

Opens a page where the options / date suggestions can be edited or added to.

Edit duration

Opens a page where the duration can be edited.

Share with a group

The result can be shared with a group.

The results will be added to the selected group as a post.


This menu item is shown if you have not voted on the poll yet. When you click on this link, the page will open where you can cast your vote.