Intrexx Share 3.1



There are different ways that you are notified of new or edited data records in Intrexx Share:

  1. A post in the News module when the corresponding setting is activated in the other modules such as when you create an event.

  2. The number of new posts relevant to you is shown in the Navigation portlet such as for new posts in groups.

  3. The total number of notifications is shown in the additional control "Share messages".

  4. All notifications are listed in the "Notifications" portlet.

  5. Via email (setting in your profile).

  6. Via push notification (setting in your profile).

Additional control - Share messages

With the additional control Share messages, you can display the number of new notifications at a position of your choice in the layout. The profile picture of the current user is shown to the right of this. Click on your picture to go to your personal page. In addition, the control displays new chat messages at the bottom right of the browser window. Click here for more information.


To set up the additional control, please proceed as follows: Create a backup of your portal layout. Then open your layout in the design module for editing. The structure of the layout is shown in the Layout area.

Select the second container if you want to add the control to the header of the portal layout. This container also contains the "Group for additional controls" that the "Share messages" control can also be added to. Select the container, right click on it and select "Insert subelement / Additional controls / Share messages". Move the additional control to the position of your choice and save the layout.

Read notifications

A window will open when you click on the notification symbol; all new notifications are listed here. Each notification contains a link to the corresponding page with the post the notification concerns. Click on "Mark as read" to remove the respective notification from the list. "Mark all as read" removes all notifications from this list. You can view read notifications by clicking on "Show all notifications" at the bottom. In your profile, you can define after how long read notifications should be deleted permanently.

"Notifications" portlet

You can view all notifications at any place in Intrexx Share or on any portal page outside of Intrexx Share by adding the "Notifications" portlet to the page. Click here for more information about how to add the portlet.