Intrexx Share 3.1



In the "Filebox" module, folder structures can be created and files can be uploaded to these. Click on "Filebox" in the Navigation portlet.


Create folder

Create folder Select your own user name in the tree structure and then on "Create folder". If you have already created a folder and click on the button after selecting this folder, this will create a subfolder.

Enter a name for the folder and select the people who should be given access to the new folder. This is done by moving users from the "Available" list to the "Released to" list with the button.


You can define the permissions for the users in the "Released to" list, that they can

The right to delete files automatically assigns the right to edit files. Click on "Save" to create the new folder, the authorized users will be notified of the new folder.

Edit folder

Select a folder in the tree structure. Click on "Options" at the top right.

Select "Edit" from the menu. This opens the page used to create a folder but now allows you to edit the folder data.

Delete folder

Select "Delete folder" from the menu to delete the current folder. Please note that folders can only be deleted if they do not contain any files.


Upload files

Select a folder and click on "Upload file".

Assign a title, and, if required, a remark. Afterwards, select the required file(s).

If you have permission, all files that the selected folder contains will be shown in the middle column. You can see the profile picture and name of the uploader as well as when the file was uploaded. Click on the user's profile picture to go to their personal page.


Click on this button to open the options menu.

Edit file metadata

Select "Edit" from the menu. This opens the page used to upload files but now allows you to edit the metadata for the files.


With this menu item, you can move files to other folders, provided you have permission for them. Select the required folder and confirm your selection with "Save".


Delete If you have permission, you can delete files with this menu item.