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You can invite other Share users to events and keep track of who is taking part in the "Events" module. Click on "Events" in the Navigation portlet.

Create event

Click on "Create event".

You should at least specify a title and the start and end of the event. The event duration is calculated automatically. "All day" automatically adjusts the end of the event. All other fields are optional. Any number of images can be uploaded as the event's image.

Create a post in News that the event was created

With this option, you can bring users' attention to a new event. Subscribers to the "Events" app will then see a post that notifies them of the event on their News page.

Mark post as: Important / Urgent

The post, which informs users about the event on News, can be already marked as important and/or urgent at this point.

The event is... Public / Private

In principle, there are two types of events: A public event is visible to every share user in the "Events" portlet. The user can directly confirm or decline attendance without a specific invitation. A private event is only visible to invited participants. These can accept or decline the invitation.


Saves all entries.

Edit event

After saving the event or when you click on the title of an existing event in the "Events" portlet, you can edit the selected event. As usual, you can create new posts in the middle column. These posts are assigned directly to the event and - depending on whether the event is public or private - also displayed on the News page. The left column contains the Event - Info portlet. In the event image, you can see whether the event is public or private. Click on "Options" underneath the event image.

This opens a menu with the following functions:



Opens the page used to create the event but now allows you to edit the data. The event can also be edited from here. The event can also be deleted from here.

Invite other users

This menu item opens a page where you can invite users to take part in your event. You can also change whether the event is public or private at the top. Inviting participants functions the same way as defining a custom recipient group as known for posts on News. Move the users you would like to invite to the "Selected" list. As long as invited users have not accepted or declined the invitation, you can withdraw an invitation by removing the user from the "Selected" list.

Participants can send invitations

This allows participants, who have confirmed their participation or said, "Maybe", to invite other Share users. They will then have access to the "Invite other users" link in the event options menu.

Users are allowed to create connections

Click here for more information about this topic.

Mark event as

The event can be marked as important and/or urgent here.


When you click on "Save", the invited users will receive a notification depending on their settings. If the invited users do not have an Intrexx Share profile, they will be notified by email.

Hide posts on News

You can choose to hide event posts on the News page here.


The event can be deleted here. Participants will not be notified of this. The event will be marked for deletion first and then deleted via a process later.

Refresh page

Click on the event's image or title to refresh the page.

Export to Outlook

At the bottom of the "Event - Info" portlet, you will find the button "Export to Outlook".

By clicking on this link, the relevant event data will be exported as an ics file to be imported into Outlook or other calendars.

Please note that changes made in the calendar will have no effect on the Share event and that these do not synchronize.


There are three options available when you click on this button:

  • Yes - You will take part

  • Maybe - You accept with reservation. Your attendance is still unsure.

  • No - You will not take part

Once you have said whether you can participate, you can create posts for this event. Event posts are visible to all users who can view the event.


If you click on this button beneath the participation buttons, a page will open with an overview of the participation status of the invited users. The number of confirmations is shown to the right of the button. You can go to the personal page of the respective users by clicking on their profile picture.

You can use the tabs at the top to filter the users accordingly.

Click on "Add person" to open a page where you can add more participants.

New posts

Tells you how many event posts are new for you. If there are no new posts, the symbol is shown in gray with the number 0.

Participant list

You can print out a participant list in the Event - Participants portlet in the right column. You can print out the list of participants in the "Event - Participants" portlet on the right of the page. Click on "Print out list of participants".

Here you will find the most important details about the event. The participants who have confirmed are listed in a table. This list can be exported or sent via email. Click on "Print" to open a page that allows you to print out the list of participants.

"Events" portlet

All events, to which you have been invited, which are public or which you have created are shown here. You have access to the same functions that you already know from editing an event here as well.

Being informed about events

You will be informed about public events on your News page. You must have subscribed to the "Events" app, and the organizer of the event must have selected the option "Create a post on News that the event was created". If you are specifically invited to a public or non-public event, you will receive a notification. If you do not yet have a profile in Intrexx Share, then you will be informed of invitations to events via email.


Filters in the "Events" portlet

The filter "Mine" shows you all events that you have organized or to which you have provisionally or definitely confirmed attendance. By clicking on "Invited", you will see a list of the events to which you have been invited, but have not yet indicated whether you will attend or not. If you have declined invitations for events, these events can be shown using the "Declined" filter. All other events can be viewed with "Other". "Archived" displays all past events. If you deactivate all filters, you will see all events that you have permission for based on the events' release. You can apply multiple filter criteria to the event list at once. The filters are joined with an OR connection meaning all events are shown that fulfill at least one of the selected criteria.

If you click on "Show/Hide filter",

you can save your custom filter settings or reset to the default settings.

The "Mine" filter is standard meaning you need to deactivate it to see all events.

Filters on the "Edit event" page

Click here for more information about this filter.

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