Intrexx Share 3.1



Every Intrexx Share user can add any other Share user to their contacts. If a user is your contact, you are also automatically a contact of that user. There are, therefore, no one-sided contacts. The Contacts portlet is shown in the News module and on the personal page. The portlet has the following areas:

  • Contacts

  • Received contact requests (is only shown if you have received contact requests)

  • Sent contact requests (is only shown if you have sent contact requests)

  • Contact suggestions

Contacts are only shown in the portlet on the personal page if the respective users have allowed this in their personal settings.

Search for users

You can search for users here. For existing contacts and for contact suggestions, the following fields are searched: Name (Last Name First Name), Department, Job Title, Email, Phone. If a user is found, their profile picture is shown in the corresponding area. To show all contacts and contact suggestions, delete the search term from the search field.

Current contacts

The profile pictures of your current contacts are shown beneath the search field. You can see a small square - or circle if you have activated round icons in the personal settings - at the bottom right of each profile picture; this shows the online status of the respective user. Grey means the user is offline. Green means the user is online. The status is also shown when you move the mouse over the square/circle. If you click on a profile picture, more information about the profile is displayed. The status is defined in the Chat module. If Chat is not in the portal, because it was not imported, for example, the portal online/offline status will be used instead.

Contact suggestions

This area displays users who are not yet your contact based on your location and department.

If you hover the mouse over a profile picture of contacts or contact suggestions, the username of that person will be shown.

View all Share users

Click on this link to open the Profiles module.

Send contact request

You can see all users who are not yet your contacts in the "Contact suggestions" area. You can send a contact request by clicking on the "Send request" button. The user will then receive a notification and/or push notification. Furthermore, the user will see the request in his/her "Received contact requests" area.

Sent contact requests will be shown in the "Sent contact requests" area until they are accepted or declined.

Receive contact request

You can add the person who sent you a contact request to your contacts by clicking on "Accept". Click on "Decline" if you do not wish to add the user to your contacts.

Delete contact

Existing contacts can by clicking on the profile picture of the respective user. Click on the "Contact" button to delete the contact. The contact will not be notified of this. The contact will not be notified of this. Contacts can also be deleted on the personal page of the respective user or directly via the Profiles module.


Pokes can only be sent if the respective user has allowed them in their personal settings. You can send a poke to a user on their personal page.

Select "Send a poke" from the options.

Select a predefined poke or enter your own text under "Misc.". Click on "Send poke" to confirm.

If you have added the Personal pokes portlet to your personal page, you will be informed of all new pokes their. You can respond to a poke by clicking on "Answer". When you respond to a poke, the original poke is deleted and therefore no longer shown in the portlet. If you do not wish to respond to the poke but simply want to delete it, click on "Remove poke". The sender will not be notified that you deleted their poke. The Poke portlet can also be added to the portal homepage or in the News module.