Intrexx Share 3.1



Each of the modules

contains a portlet called "Connections"; it can usually be found at the bottom right of the page when an event, photo album, group or message is selected. You can use this portlet to link objects that have the same subject or are related (such as groups with groups, events with groups, photo albums with groups etc.). Connections can be created if this has been activated in the settings of the respective event, photo album, group or message. More information is available in the Online Help for each of the modules.

Create connection

Click on "Create connection" to open/close the menu.

New group, New event, New photo album, New advertisement, New filebox folder

Click on one of these menu items to open the respective edit page from the corresponding module to create a new object there. The connection is created automatically when you do this.

Connection to existing data record

With this menu item, you can create a connection to an existing object. The source - i.e. where the connection is created from - is shown on the left. Select the corresponding module on the right that contains the target object. All of the possible objects will then be selectable in the drop-down list beneath the module buttons. Once you have made your selection, the object will be shown underneath.

Would you like to create a two-way connection?

With this option, you can create a connection so that it can also be selected in the target to load the corresponding source object.

Existing connections

All existing connections are listed here. Click on the title to open the respective object in the corresponding module. You can also delete the connection from here if you have permission.