Intrexx Share 3.1



In the "Advertising" module, you can create advertisements and display them to a group of recipients of your choice. Click on "Advertising" in the Navigation portlet.

Create advertisement

Click on "Create advertisement".

Search / Offer / Exchange

With these categories, you can specify whether you are searching for, offering or looking to exchange something.

Other entries

You can then provide your advertisement with a title and description and define how long it should be shown for. You can also select a preview image and upload any relevant files.


Under "Share display with...", move the users who should be able to read the display by clicking on

"Select entries" in the "Selected entries" list.

Save as draft / Publish

You can save your advertisement as a draft to begin with, meaning the defined group of users cannot see it yet. Select "Publish" to release it immediately.

"Advertisements" portlet

You can always see your own advertisements in this portletആ. Users, to whom the group has been releasedആ, can only see published advertisements during their validity period. If the advertisement was saved as a draft, the status "Not published" will be shown at the bottom right of the advertisement tile.


Click on this button to open the options menu.

"Edit" opens the page used to create an advertisement but now allows you to edit the data. "Release" opens a page where you can define which users can see your advertisement. You can also publish an advertisement saved as a draft there. You can delete your advertisement with "Delete". Click on "Start chat" to create a chat about your advertisement.

Click on the advertisement title to open a page where comments can be added to the advertisement.

You can also access the options menu from here.

If the advertisement has been published, the number of comments will be shown at the bottom right of the advertisement tile. The page where comments can be added can also be opened from here by clicking on this symbol.


You can filter the advertisements by the categories "Search", "Offer" or "Exchange" by clicking on the respective button.

You can choose to save this filter by clicking on "Show/Hide filter".