Timer action - Timer rule

Relative timer

The relative timer can be used to define a one-time event relative to the trigger time. As a rule, it is necessary to monitor a data record in escalation scenarios, e.g. while monitoring contract administration created in Intrexx. You can set the relative timer to the date the contract ends, so you’ll never forget deadlines again, and can send your staff automatic reminders. Another example is holiday requests which must be approved or refused within a certain date before the supervisor is notified. In a business environment, there are so many use cases for this kind of timer rule.

Edit rule

Opens a dialog where a relative rule can be defined.

Absolute timer

Select this option if you wish to define a recurring event or an event that occurs at a specific point in time. A reminder for a report that has not been released would then be sent daily at 7:00 AM.

Edit rule

Opens a dialog where the execution time can be edited.