Solr search server

Solr server URL

Enter the URL to your Solr server here.


Here, you can choose between the "HTTP" and "SolrCloud" server types.

Base folder of Solr index configurations

The default folder "solr/server/solr" can usually be found in the installation directory, if the server was installed during the Intrexx setup.


Opens the default dialog where a directory can be selected.


Login with user and password

If this setting is activated, then you can enter the username and password for logging in to the Solr server.

Dictionary order

Click here for more information about using dictionaries.

Move up / Move down

Adjusts the order of the dictionaries.

Manage cores and collections

Opens a dialog where the cores and collections can be modified.

Test connection

The connection to the server can be tested here. The result is shown above the button.


Clicking on this button saves the settings made.


Clicking on this button discards all changes that have not been saved.