Search - Settings in the Tools module

Search engine

You can select your desired search engine here. The adapter for Apache Solr is contained in the delivered package.

Search languages

The languages that can be used to search through portal content are listed here.

Add search language

Opens a dialog where the language can be selected.

Delete search language

Deletes a language from the list.

Define the default language

Clicking on this button will define the selected language as the default language.

Hits per page

Here, you can specify how many search hits you would like to be shown on the results page.

Ranking method

Select your preferred ranking method. As well as the hit score, meaning the hits with the highest quality, you can also include the date weight; this means that the newest hits will receive a higher ranking.


Specify the sorting of the hits here. The sorting has more weight than the ranking method, i.e. the selected ranking method might not be taken into account. The sorting "Custom" is used for user-defined settings.

Query strategy

Exact search

With this strategy, content will be searched through using the entered search term.

Wildcard search

Enables you to search using placeholders, e.g. * for any amount of variable characters or ? for one variable character.

Fuzzy search

When using the fuzzy search, the exact character sequence does not need to be entered as the search criteria. Similar character sequences will also be found. Similar character sequences will also be found.

Add query strategy

Adds a new query strategy.

Delete query strategy

Deletes a query strategy from the list.

Arrow buttons

Modify the order that the search strategies will be used in.


Auto correction mode

By default, alternatives are taken into account from the corresponding dictionary.

Auto correction from ... Typing errors

Here, you can determine after how many typing errors the search term should be corrected automatically.

Manage auto correction data

Opens a dialog for editing the auto correction data.

Rebuild indexes

The indexes are rebuilt.


Clicking on this button saves the settings made.


This button restores the settings back to their original condition.

Suggestion lists

Search suggestions come from the search index. When a search term is entered, which is longer than three characters, the suggestions will be offered for selection underneath the search field. A search suggestion selected there will be applied to the search field.

Suggestions are shown independent of the user's permissions for content, because they are taken from the search index.


Here, you can define whether search suggestions should be provided or not.

Apply search filters to suggestions

With this setting, the search suggestions will be filtered by the criteria configured in the search configuration in applications.

Please note that the setting "Apply search filters to suggestions" can affect the portal's performance.

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