Assign user-defined attributes and classes

This dialog is used to assign user-defined classes and user-defined attributes from the User Manager.

Open schema manager

Opens the schema manager where classes and attributes can be created if you have the corresponding permission.

"Use" column

By clicking on "Information", the application that the attribute / class comes from is shown.

"Class" column

Displays the name of the class from the export application.

"Title" column

Displays the title of the attribute.

"DB column name" column

Displays the column name of the attribute.

"Type" column

Displays the data type of the attribute.

"Assignment" column

Displays the assigned attribute. Classes and attributes, which have the same object name in the target system, are automatically assigned to the corresponding classes and attributes - provided the types match.

User-defined attributes on the target system

Opens a dialog where the assignment can be performed manually.