Image selection

The "Image selection" dialog allows you to access images or icons that are made available by Intrexx. These images can be found under the menu item "Image family". They are available throughout the Portal Manager.

In the "Image selection" dialog, you can also create your own folders and manage your own graphics in them. This can be done under the menu item "Application images". These graphics can only be used in the application or layout that they were uploaded in.

Upload and manage own images

Step-by-step guide

To upload your own images, please proceed as follows:

  1. Select the "Application images" menu item.

  2. Select the "Add Image..." menu item from the context menu.

  3. The "Open file" dialog will open.

  4. Select the desired image from the shown folders.

    You may need to select "All files" as the "File type" to find your file.

  5. Select your file and click on "Open".

    The image is displayed in the "Image selection" dialog and can be used in the currently opened application or layout.

    You have uploaded an image.

Other options under "Application images".

New folder

You can create folders to make it easier to manage your images.

Add image...

Opens a dialog where an image can be selected.

Rename object

Here, the name of the highlighted object (image, folder) can be modified.

Delete object

Removes the highlighted object.

Show original image

Displays the original of the highlighted image in a separate window.

Additional options


By using the icon at the bottom right, the image list can be depicted in the displays "Simple", "List", "Symbol" and "Details".

Use images provided by Intrexx

Under the menu item "Image family" you will find a wide selection of images that you can use in your portal.

The "icon54" directory only contains images in the SVG format.