Text area properties - "General" tab


Provide the text area with a title here.


Opens a dialog where the title can be entered in multiple languages. Click here for more information about this topic.

Display title in control

This setting means the title will be displayed in the edit field when it is viewed in the browser.

Input required

This setting makes the edit field into a mandatory field.


The text area cannot be edited if this setting is active.

Open numeric pad when edit field is clicked

On pages transformed for mobile devices, you will also see this setting in edit fields connected to numeric data fields. This shows a numeric keypad in the mobile end device which can be used to select and enter numbers into the field.

Extract hashtags

When entering the text, hashtags can be created by inserting a "#" in front of the desired characters (e.g. "#mytag"). When the text is saved, the hashtags will be extracted and saved. The hashtags can then be depicted by the View tagging - Bookmarks element. The text can contain as many hashtags as desired.

Show tag suggestions

When text is entered in the element, a tooltip will display suggestions based on existing tags. Clicking on this suggestion will insert it as a hashtag.

With this setting, the options "Use TinyMCE" and "Use Markdown editor" cannot be activated on the Options tab. Tag suggestions cannot be displayed in the editors.