Sortable grouping vertical / horizontal properties - "General" tab


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Enable accordion effect

With this setting, a button will be displayed at the top-right of the sortable grouping. This can be used to show/hide the sortable elements. The highest sortable element remains visible, however.

Sortable elements

The sortable elements are listed here. A sortable element is a grouping within the sortable grouping. This element is created automatically when you move an element into the sortable grouping. A sortable grouping can contain multiple application elements.

Edit sortable element

Opens a dialog where the properties of the sortable element can be edited.

Move selected element up/left / down/right

If sortable elements are moved up or down in the list, then their position will also change on the workspace. For vertical groups, the top-down order of the list corresponds to the top-down order on the workspace. For horizontal groups, the top-down order of the list corresponds to the left-right order on the workspace.

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