Multiple selection properties - Selection filter in the control

"Active" column

In the browser, a button will be displayed for each filter that you configure here. In this column, you can decide whether the button is already activated (active) or deactivated (inactive) when the element is loaded.

"Image" column

Displays the path to the selected image.

"Alternative text" column

Displays the defined text alternative.

Create new selection filter

Opens a dialog where a selection filter can be created.

Delete selection filter

Removes the currently selected selection filter from the list.

Edit selection filter

Opens a dialog where the selected selection filter can be edited.

Move the selection filter one position up / down in the order of arrangement.

Adjusts the order of the buttons.

Show all entries in case all selection filters are inactive

If this setting is not active, no entry will be shown if all selection filters are inactive.


The individual filters can be connected using an "Or" or an "And" link. For Or links, at least one criterion must apply so that the corresponding data is shown. For And links, all of the criteria must apply.