Gallery properties - "Data" tab


Application / Data group

Select the data group that contains the images.


Opens a dialog where a filter can be created that filters the images before they are displayed.

Display dependent rows

Loads all images from a child data group that are assigned to the parent data record.


Show gallery in lightbox mode

With this setting, a preview of the images is displayed first. Clicking on an image opens the gallery view. The gallery in lightbox mode requires a different view page than a gallery that does not have this mode enabled. If the setting is set, a corresponding view page can be created automatically with "Create view page".

Page for preview image

Select the page where the images should be shown here.

Edit parameter

Opens a dialog where the parameters for the page can be defined.

Create view page

Opens a dialog where you can create a new page for presenting the images.


The images are sorted based on the field defined here.


Opens a dialog where the order of the images can be modified.