Gallery properties - "Options" tab


Show image title

With this setting, the title of the currently selected image will be shown at the top left in the gallery.

Show buttons for image navigation

Show buttons for image navigation and slideshow control initially

Buttons will be shown on the right and left in the image. These are used to move forwards and backwards through the gallery.


Start slideshow automatically

The slideshow starts automatically when the page is loaded.

Slideshow speed in ms

Define in milliseconds how long it should take until the images change.

Image title from data field

To use a data field that contains the image title in the gallery, switch to the view page that is used as the page for the preview image on the Data tab in the gallery properties. Open the properties of the View file selection element there.

Click "Edit alternative text" to open a dialog where the "Text from data field" option can be selected. Select the data field that contains the image titles.