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Do not set focus

When the page is loaded in the browser, no element is given the focus.

Use table layout

This setting means that table tags will be retained in the HTML, while without this setting, no layout table will be written. The Grid element can only be added to a page if it does not use the table layout.

Transform for mobile devices

If you select this option, this page will be transformed to be displayed on mobiles. Well-structured HTML will be used to create the page. If a page contains elements that cannot be transformed for mobiles, these elements will be designated on the workspace with a red crossed-out circle symbol.

Elements that can be used on mobile pages

  • Single-line text field (edit and view)

  • Button (Button, Text, Image)

  • Tagging (edit and view)

  • Text area: Entry without editor mode

  • View text area

  • Drop-down list

  • Slider

  • Listbox

  • Option field

  • User information

  • Checkbox (edit and view)

  • File selection (edit and view)

  • Free layout table

  • Checkbox selection

  • Static text

  • View table

  • Web service view table

  • Chart

  • Dynamic view

  • Multiple selection (edit and view)

  • Show status of the Navigation element

  • Calculation control

  • Calendar plugin

  • Resource

  • View selection (Calendar control)

  • Legend (Calendar control)

  • Selection of resources (Calendar control)

  • Plugin selector (Calendar control)

  • Intrexx Share commets

  • Gauge

  • Multi-source table (Search results)

  • Appointment series

  • Color picker

  • Dynamic filters (Calendar), if it has an event with the action "synchronizeScaleRange".

  • Grids

Elements that cannot be used on mobile pages

  • Sortable list (edit and view)

  • Tree (edit and view element)

  • Exchange tree

  • Path navigation for tree

  • Filter information

  • Dynamic filter Value range

  • Dynamic filter Operator

  • Dynamic filter Alpha-index

  • Dynamic filters (Calendar), if it does not have an event with the action "synchronizeScaleRange".

  • Gallery

  • Exchange file selection for attachments (edit and view)

  • File sorting

  • Research

  • Filewalker

  • Recurring grouping

The setting "Transform for mobile devices" cannot be set if the page is used in a plugin.

Use default styles

Assigns a default style to new elements when they are created. If this is not desired, such as when user-defined styles should be assigned, this setting can be deactivated.

Edit margins and user-defined style classes for elements in a layout without tables

Opens a dialog where margins and style classes within a DIV container can be defined.

Velocity file for initialization

With this setting, the selected Velocity file will be executed when the page is loaded.

Select/edit Velocity file

Opens a dialog where the Velocity file for the initialization can be selected.

Actions with gestures

If buttons are included in the grouping, you can specify here for mobile devices which of the buttons should be triggered by a click.