Step-by-step guide

To get an overview of all the "Sales" team tasks, proceed as follows:


  1. Create a new endpoint and assign a descriptive name for it.

  2. Click "Data group endpoint".

  3. Click on "Next".

    The "Data group selection" dialog step appears.

  4. In the "Action" selection field, select the "Read multiple records" value.

  5. Select the value "(current application)" in the "Application" selection field.

  6. In the "Data group" selection field, select the "Task" value.

  7. Click on the icon.

  8. Clear the checkbox "(PK) (S) (ID)" <string>

  9. Select data fields

  10. In the "Add Data Fields" dialog box, select the following data fields:

    • Title <string>

    • Project – Title <string>

    • Status – Title <string>

    • Team – Title <string>

    For better readability of the return values and the Swagger documentation, we recommend that the return values are renamed.

    For this tutorial, the return values have been renamed as follows:

    • title (title <string>) → taskTitle

    • ref4125cc5b (title <string>) → taskStatus

    • ref0542049e (title <string>) → teamTitle

    • ref5477b5f9 (title <string>) → titleProject

    Names of referenced data fields

    The names of the data fields referenced in the "Task" data group correspond to the name of the reference fields. You can display these in the Intrexx Expert mode (Expert mode). To display the fields, select the data group. Right-click on it. Select "Show data fields" from the context menu. Select the referenced data field. Right-click on it. Select "Properties" from the context menu. Switch to the "Expert" tab.

    Add data fields one by one

    You can add the data fields one by one and rename the newly added field each time.

  11. Click on "Next".

  12. Assign a static path parameter.

    In this tutorial, we will assign the name "GetSalesTasks".

  13. Click on "Next".

  14. Skip the "Query parameters" dialog step and click "Next".

    The "Filter and Sort" dialog step appears. Experience Individuality.



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