User groups and users

A brand new portal comes with some user groups and users.

"Administrators" user group

Members of the "Administrators" user group have full access to all settings in the portal and all portal permissions. The "Administrator" use is a member of this group. If the user is no longer assigned to this group, his/her permissions will be lost.

"Users" user group

Members of the "Users" user group have access to the "Home" and "Extras" menu items in the brand new portal . They also have read access to the "Users" application (telephone list and organigram) and to the "Global Search" application. They also have access to Intrexx Share Chat.

"Administrator" user

The "Administrator" user has all the permissions of the "Administrators" user group as long as he/she is a member of it.

"Anonymous" user

Non-logged-in users have access to the "Home" menu item in a brand new portal.

All the details described here refer to a portal created with the default portal template for an empty portal. The permissions of already defined users and user groups in other portal templates may differ from those described here.