Create applications

In the Applications module (Application Designer), you can create powerful applications and forms with ease via drag and drop. A toolbox with building blocks is available for building application pages, e.g. edit fields, buttons, tables, charts, filters, etc. Each element has a graphical configuration dialog that allows detailed settings. Once you have created an application, define the menu item where the new application will be found in your portal.

You can assign permissions in connection with applications. The permissions concept includes the visibility of navigation elements, access to entire applications, as well as access to individual pages, data groups and a distinction by actions (display, create, change, delete) within the applications. In addition to the fixed assignment of permissions in the application itself, permission settings can also be made accessible via the browser if required. For example, in Intrexx Share 3.1, the collaboration application from Intrexx, it is possible to make posts and discussion groups accessible to only certain user groups. This results in attractive and powerful applications that can be modified or adapted again at any time.

If the range of functions in the application designer is not sufficient, you can also create complex applications for special use cases with the help of Java, JavaScript, Velocity and Groovy.