Permissions relating to WebSockets

You can grant permissions for topics. In this way, you can control that only certain users can see messages that are intended for or relevant to them.
The permissions also enable you to control which user(s) can transger messages to a topic.

Step-by-step guide

To define user permissions for a topic, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the properties of the application where you have created the topic.

  2. Go to the "Access permissions" tab.



    Full access

    If you select this option, the corresponding user is granted both the "Read topic" and "Write to topic" permissions.

    Read topic

    With this permission, you can control which users should be able to see WebSocket messages in the browser.

    Write to topic

    This permission refers to the user of a process that contains a WebSocket action or a Groovy action with WebSocket functions.
    You can execute processes in a user context. The permissions of the respective user are relevant in this case. If the user does not have the "Write to topic" permission, then a WebSocket message will not be sent via the process and will also not appear in the browser.

  3. Add or remove users via the corresponding buttons and define which permissions that should have.

    You have defined the user permissions for a topic.