Intrexx Share: Add custom menu items to the navigation

In the Administration mode, you can add custom menu items to the navigation from Intrexx Share 3.0 onwards. SVG icons are used for this. This article shows you how to add a menu item step by step.

Click here to find out how to switch to the Administration mode.

Select "Navigation" from the Settings module.

In this example, we will link to a shop application.


Enter the name of your choice for the menu item. You can also use a language constant for the name.

Application and Page GUID

You can get the GUIDs of the application and the desired page that should be displayed when the new menu item is clicked on if the application is open in the Applications module.

The expert mode needs to be switched on for this. Afterwards, the GUID can be determined via the context menu "Copy element GUID" if the application node or the desired page is selected in the application structure.

CSS class

An icon for the new menu item can be added here. The CSS file icon54-solid.css is in the portal directory external\htmlroot\thirdparty\icon54\font. Open the file in a text editor.


All SVG graphics that can be integrated in Intrexx by default are listed here. We want to add the "Money" icon for the shop. To do this, simply copy the "BasicIcons-Money" part from the class and enter it as a CSS class in the dialog. A full list of all available icons can be found at


Assign a unique key here that is not yet used for other menu items in the navigation.


An integer can be used here to specify which position the new menu item will have in the navigation. The order is from left to right.


Save your settings by clicking on "Save".

The new menu item has now been added to the navigation - in position 3 in our example. When a user clicks on the item, the page in the shop, whose GUID has defined in the properties, will open.