Tips & Tricks - Show appointments from other calendars

This Tips & Tricks post shows you how you can show appointments from other calendar applications in a calendar, for example in the calendar you use the most. To begin with, create a new application based on the Calendar template.

Publish the application via the File menu / Publish application. Create a second calendar application in the same way and rename it to "Calendar 2".

Publish this application as well. In every application, which is created with the Calendar template, a Plugin is already defined. In the second calendar, the plugin from the first calendar is now added, so that its appointment can be shown here as well. To do that, select the "Calendar" page in the Application structure.

Open the properties dialog of the diagram by double-clicking on it. Click on "Add plugin". In the next dialog, select the calendar application we created first from the drop-down list. Select the first plugin in the list under "Plugins". Close all of the open dialogs by clicking on OK in each case and then save the application. Switch to the browser and add any appointment to the first calendar.

Switch to the second calendar.

The appointment from the first calendar is now shown here. With one click, you can hide the appointments from the first calendar by deactivating the corresponding plugin on the left-hand side.

This can be done by deactivating the checkbox next to the plugin whose appointments should be hidden. Click here for information about the Calendar application. Click here for more information about plugins.