Tips & Tricks - Index the search

In this article we will show how to perform a basic initialization of the Solr search.

The rebuilding of the search configurations as well as the cores and collections can be done in the "Tools" module by clicking on "Rebuild indexes" at the bottom left of the pane. This only starts the rebuild. Subsequent processes are started in the background, which is why the search cannot be used directly afterwards as the individual search configurations are only built up gradually.

Please note that this process may take several minutes or even hours depending on the size of the portal. The search in the portal will be down during the process. The performance of the system will be affected. Please make sure in advance that the system has enough free resources like RAM and CPU. The Solr service does not have a fixed amount of memory allocated and can therefore freely allocate memory as needed. Therefore, your system should have enough free memory. Depending on the system and circumstances, e.g. if the database is also operated in parallel on the system, you will need to increase the resources accordingly.

In the Cores and collections dialog, all configurations should then be marked with a green check mark in the first column. If this is not the case, please contact technical support.

In the Task scheduler you can observe how the individual search indexes are started automatically one by one. All search index tasks should be completed successfully.