New features


The performance of Intrexx Silent Track is significantly improved. For example, the save settings have been revised to optimize cache loading. This means pages load faster. Portals also start faster and websites load faster after applications are published.

Online application templates

In previous versions, the Intrexx Manager came with fully integrated application templates. This is changing with Intrexx Silent Track. The templates accessible in the dialog when creating a new application are provided online by United Planet. They can be downloaded by the user and then imported into the portal. The subsequent editing of an application is then carried out as usual.

You can also create your own application templates and make them available via a template repository. This allows you to develop new applications faster and in line with the company's development guidelines.

Templates from United Planet may be updated separately from the Intrexx release cycle. This means that the latest templates are always available, regardless of the update status of the Portal Manager. You need to be connected to the Internet to download the application templates from United Planet and use them afterwards.

The "Empty application" and "Basic application" templates are excluded from the changes. They are available offline as usual.

For detailed information, see the section Application templates.

Proxy authentication

The Intrexx Portal Manager can be connected to the Intrexx Portal Server via a proxy server. This is also possible if the Portal Manager and Portal Server are in different networks.

Authentication methods

You have three options to configure authentication on the proxy server:

  • You can choose not to use authentication

  • Basic authentication

  • Kerberos authentication

Activating a proxy server and setting the authentication method is done in the Portal Manager in the main menu under " Extras > Options".

You can also access the server with the Portable Portal Manager.
For more information about Portable Portal Manager, see the following links: First Steps with myIntrexx, First Steps in the Portable Manager (video)

Advantages of a proxy server

You can use a proxy server to insert an additional "security layer" between the Portal Manager and Portal Server. The proxy server can monitor the communication between the Portal Manager and Portal Server. You can define users who must first authenticate to the proxy server before they can access the portal server.

For detailed information, see the section Use proxy server for authentication.

New collection of SVG icons

A new library with a variety of SVG icons is available with Intrexx Silent Track. The icons are available in the "Image selection" dialog.

The SVG icons can be used in all places where graphics can be used or where the "Image selection" dialog is available.

For more information, see the section Image selection.

New binding - dataRange

The new binding allows you to access data records from a table. It makes it easier to access the data you need. Values in tables that contain, for example, user information, multiple selections or calculations cannot be read or can only be read to a limited extent. The binding reads only the values of the physical, linked database. The defined values are also only read to a limited extent - e.g. an "OTHER" column that is not linked in a table cannot be read.

Short links

The new feature gives you the ability to create a short link to any page in an application. The first part of the short link is a static text that can be defined by the application developer. The second part can be any parameter or another static text. The created short link redirects the user to the Intrexx page in the portal. Short links can be shared with colleagues or external partners, for example, and make it easier to find the desired page. A short link is easy to read. As a result, users are more likely to know what page to expect when they click on the link.

More information about configuring short links in the page properties is available here.

Customize search behavior

Query strategies, ranking and sorting can now be edited for buttons with the "Search" action independently of the settings in the "Tools" module. You can find the new settings on the Actions tab.

Layout of the date picker calendar

The layout of the small calendar, which is displayed when clicking on edit fields with the control type "Date" and is also used for date selection in calendar and resource elements, can now be changed in the "Design" module. Click here for more information.

Updated API documentation

The updated API documentation is available here.


Has been upgraded from Groovy 2.5 to Groovy 3.0. The release notes for Groovy 3.0 are available here.

Online Help

The Online Help has been completely revised for Intrexx Version 21.03 and contains numerous new features.

For more detailed information, see the section Online Help.