First steps

Welcome to Intrexx! This page will provide you with instructions for updating and licensing Intrexx once it is installed and how to create your first portal. Have fun!

Start the Portal Manager

When you install Intrexx, the last step of the setup will provide you with the option of starting the Intrexx Portal Manager right away.

You can also finish the setup and open the Portal Manager later via the program group or the desktop shortcut. On Linux systems you will find "" in the installation directory /client/bin/linux.

Online update

When you start the Portal Manager for the first time, the software update will open automatically; this helps you to keep your system up-to-date at all times. Click here for more information about this topic.


If you have not entered a purchased license, a red bar will be shown at the bottom of the Portal Manager. This tells you how long your trial period is still valid. Click here for more information about licensing Intrexx.

Create a portal

To find out how to create a new portal, click here.

More information

Switch and register the portal server
Open modules
Main menu functions