This chapter provides fundamental information and detailed guides for installing Intrexx.
In particular, it provides the information that you need to upgrade Intrexx (change version).

  • General
    This section provides an overview of general aspects in conjunction with installing Intrexx.
    It is of particular interest if you are installing Intrexx for the first time and are not yet familiar with the required infrastructure and the interaction between Intrexx and third-party systems. This section also provides a very simplified typical installation process that is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the installation process.

  • Intrexx architecture
    This section provides an overview of the Intrexx architecture. In particular, it looks at the embedded Tomcat, which is integrated as of Intrexx 19.03, and its interaction with a reverse proxy (IIS or NGINX). Understanding the Intrexx architecture will help you comprehend the individual steps when installing Intrexx. Equally, it will help you make the required configurations in the portal properties after the installation.

  • System requirements
    This section lists the hardware and software requirements for installing and running Intrexx.

  • Activities outside of Intrexx
    You need third-party software to run Intrexx and portals. Typically, you will work with a reverse proxy to ensure the security and good load balancing for your portal. This is usually IIS on a Windows system and NGINX on a Linux system. This is software that is not provided with Intrexx. Nonetheless, this section provides a detailed description of the installation and configuration of IIS as well as helpful links for the installation and configuration of NGINX. In the context of IIS, information about using websites instead of virtual directories is also provided. Virtual directories can no longer be used as of Intrexx 19.03. You should read this section before actually installing Intrexx.

  • Install Intrexx
    This section provides a detailed guide for installing Intrexx.

  • Install Online Updates for Intrexx
    Updates are provided at irregular intervals for each Intrexx version. This section describes the installation of these so-called Online Updates. This section is helpful if you have already installed Intrexx and would like to know how to install Online Updates.

  • Perform Intrexx upgrade
    This section will describe how you can upgrade Intrexx, meaning change the Intrexx version.
    Central changes were made to the Intrexx architecture in Intrexx 19.03. This primarily concerns the embedded Tomcat, which is in integrated component from Version 19.03 onwards, and its interaction with a reverse proxy (IIS or NGINX). The front-end web server is usually IIS (Internet Information Services) or NGINX. When upgrading from Intrexx 19.03, 19.09, 20.03, or 20.09 to Intrexx Silent Track, there is nothing special to consider in this context since there were no further changes in the architecture in Intrexx Silent Track.
    When upgrading from Intrexx 18.03 (or an earlier version) to Intrexx Silent Track, it is important to understand the changed Intrexx architecture. Pay special attention to the information about IIS (Internet Information Service), if you are using a Windows environment, or about NGINX, if you are using a Linux environment. The corresponding information is available in the following chapters:

  • Configure the front-end web server
    This section provides information about how you need to configure the portal properties in Intrexx so that your portal can be opened in a browser. It particularly focuses on the connection between the embedded Tomcat and the reverse proxy you are using. The configuration settings described in this section need to be made both after a new installation as well as after upgrading from Version 18.03 (or an earlier version) to Intrexx Silent Track.