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Enter a title for the action here.


A short description can be entered here.


A URL to a website with additional information can be entered here.


Opens a dialog where the title or description respectively can be entered in multiple languages. Click here for more information.


If you create a new template or edit an existing one, you can enter code in the Template field. The code entered here can be inserted at any free point in the script, which you have written in the main area of the editor, later. The following variables, which are automatically replace when the template is inserted, are supported:

  • ${cursor}

    The cursor will be positioned at this point after the template has been inserted

  • ${now}

    Current date and time in UTC in ISO format

  • ${}

    Current date in the local time zone in ISO format

  • ${user.guid}

    GUID of the current user

  • ${user.fullName}

    Full name of the current user

  • ${user.loginName}

    Login name of the current user

  • ${user.loginDomain}

    Login domain of the current user

  • ${application.guid}

    GUID of the current application, if available