JDBC data source - General tab

Connection name

Enter the name of the connection here.

Data source


Wizard Opens a dialog where the data source can be selected.

JDBC driver

For access, a JDBC data source class or a JDBC driver and a class describing some database properties must be specified as the data source. Intrexx can access all data source classes entered in the Java class path. If you connect a data source that has no class assigned to it, please copy the library (*.jar) to the installation directory intrexx/lib. Afterwards all Intrexx services have to be restarted.

Descriptor class

Here, the underlying data source class will be entered. Normally, this class will be made available to you by JDBC2 conforming drivers. If this is not the case, you can establish access to JDBC1-similar drivers with the data source class "de.uplanet.server.poolmanager.EmulatedPooledDataSource". Please refer to your software's documentation to see if your driver fulfills these requirements. The descriptors class must be entered for access to the data source and the corresponding data fields in the correct SQL syntax to be possible. This is responsible, for example, for how date formats are queried.

Further settings

Time zone

The time zone of the external source can be defined here.

Enable write access

Enable write access This setting makes it possible to change the data in the external data source.

Please note that United Planet can provide no support for data inconsistency resulting from write access given to external data sources.