Application properties - "Topics" tab

"Topics" are connected to WebSockets. They represent the object that WebSocket messages output/make available. A "consumer" can subscribe to a topic. A topic can be compared to a message channel that can be subscribed to.

Available topics

All topics that have already been defined are listed here. If you select a topic in this list, the corresponding fields will be shown on the right where you can edit the topic.

Create topic

Creates a new topic. The corresponding fields will automatically be shown on the right.

Delete selected topic

Removes the selected topic.

GUID of the topic

The topic GUID is shown in the right area of the dialog. Intrexx assigns the GUID automatically, it cannot be changed. You need the GUID if you want to refer to this topic in a Groovy action or JavaScript.

Copy the GUID of the topic to clipboard

Copies the GUID topic to the clipboard.

Name of the topic

Provide the topic with a name here. This name must be unique, it may only be used in Intrexx once. it may only be used in Intrexx once. You can use the topic name if you want to refer to the topic in WebSocket actions.

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