View table properties - Options tab


Enter the title for the view table here. Click here for more information about this topic.

General settings

Display scroll bar

If this setting is activated, a horizontal scroll bar will be shown if the view table is too wide.

Number of records

Here you can set how many data records should be displayed per page in the table. If this number is exceeded, the navigation element which can be used to scroll to the other table pages is automatically displayed in the footer of the table. If -1 is entered here, all records will be displayed.

Display text if no data record is found

If this is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available.

  • Use global text

    Uses the text defined in the global language constant "DR_NO_RECORD" defined in the portal properties.

  • Text if no data record is found

    Here, a static text or a constant can be defined if the "Use global text" setting is not active.


Show title

The table heading will be shown.


Opens a dialog where the table header can be formatted.

Show column headings

Show column headings

Lock column headings

The column headings stay visible when scrolling.


Display "email to all"

This option is only available if string data fields, with the control type email, are included in the table. Select the desired edit field in the drop-down list. In the browser, a link will be shown in the footer of the table, with which an email can be sent to all email addresses in the table column. Clicking this link will open a popup window where the user may define separators and how the email addresses should be used, as well as start their default email client.

The distribution list that the email will be sent to will be created from the email addresses in the table. No other data from the table will be sent in the email.


Opens a dialog where the properties of the "Email to all" button can be edited.

Display "File export"

This setting will show a button below the view table that allows the user to export all data records.

Clicking this button will open a popup window where the user selects the separators and can choose the format of the export file (text, Excel).


Opens a dialog where the properties of the "Export" button can be edited.

Navigation element

The navigation element will be shown in the footer of a table as soon as the number of existing data records exceeds the number of records to be displayed within a table.


Opens a dialog where the settings for the navigation element can be changed.