Abacus - New data source



Select the database type of your Abacus ERP system.


Enter the name of the server here.


If the port differs from the default port entered here (1583), you can change it accordingly.


Enter the name of the database here.


User / Password

The username and the password for the authentication can be entered here.

Further settings

Time zone

Select your desired time zone here.

Test connection

You can test the defined connection here.

If the connection to Abacus cannot be established,

please check whether the connection parameters entered are correct. Please note that drivers for Pervasive and DB2 databases are not included in the delivery package and must be provided manually. If you use a Pervasive system,


https://esd.actian.com/product/Zen_PSQL/SDKs/JDBC. Next, copy the files "pvjdbc2.jar" and "pvjdbc2x.jar" into the installtion directory /lib. On the Abacus server, the Abacus database must be enabled for JDBC access in the "Pervasive Control Center".

In Intrexx, when configuring the connection parameters, the name that is entered as the database name is the name been defined in the "Pervasive Control Center".