Changelog for Online Update no. 05

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 26.03.2021

  1. Update to patch level 05
  2. IX-5429: JavaScript
    oUp.checked on (view) checkbox no longer works after upgrading to Intrexx 19.03
  3. IX-8080: TinyMCE
    Custom buttons cause errors
  4. IX-10731: Data group
    Title is cleared when first reference is added
  5. IX-10819: Missing database driver
    Typo in hint
  6. IX-10921: Online Update
    incorrect tiles in Share
  7. IX-10993: Free layout table
    does not accept a free title
  8. IX-11106: Portal export
    Problem with descending Intrexx indexes, implemented by Oracle as FBI (function-based index)
  9. IX-11198: Import texts
    Error message
  10. IX-11199: Import texts
    After an import, the application must be published completely
  11. IX-11209: Edit field
    Title is not applied
  12. IX-11210: Language constant
    Title preset does not always work
  13. IX-11211: File selection
    Title is not applied correctly
  14. IX-11248: Export applications and processes
    Scrollbars are missing
  15. IX-11260: Drop-down list with data mapping
    Error after selection (mobile device)
  16. IX-11263: Portal import
    Portal from Intrexx Version 20.09 can be imported into Intrexx 19.03 without any warning
  17. IX-11320: Generate documents
    Decimal places not correct in the PDF under certain circumstances
  18. IX-11329: Portal Manager
    Incorrect transaction handling in MainPortalManagerBean
  19. IX-11350: Sortable list
    Image in sortable list is not displayed in the browser
  20. IX-11351: Chart
    Creation causes errors when publishing the application
  21. IX-11368: Basic portlets
    Enable deletion
  22. IX-11372: Portal properties
    Customize the base URL does not work
  23. IX-11376: Portal properties
    Windowsauth is discarded when settings are changed
  24. IX-11380: Filter information
    only displays the value range instead of the label
  25. IX-11389: MSSQL database driver
    JDBC driver updated
  26. IX-11464: Publish application
    takes too long
  27. IX-11475: File selection
    Prevent saving during upload
  28. IX-11501: Links to App Store
    Removed in the Portal Manager
  29. IX-11532: Portlets
    XSS possible in portlet name setting field
  30. IX-11543: Data picker
    Unnecessary creation of a text area renderer causes errors
  31. IX-11632: Alternative start page
    Dynamically generated menu items load blank page
  32. IX-11645: Tooltip
    Link for the close icon in the upper right corner is generated incorrectly
  33. IX-11648: Chart
    cannot be created
  34. IX-11657: WriteContainer
    contain too many control links after an upgrade
  35. IX-11736: Groovy rendering handler
    no (ReadOnly) g_record.
  36. IX-11759: Intrexx Share - Profiles
    upload profile picture on first login generates error message
  37. IX-11773: Search
    for tags does not work
  38. IX-11774: Search
    Add tag to the index
  39. IX-11907: Send emails
    Problems sending emails that contain checkboxes (displayed as an image)
  40. IX-11966: Generate documents
    Fonts get random styles during document generation
  41. IX-12010: Parameter
    Page definition does not allow "Jump to existing record".
  42. IX-12045: Globale search
    Error when searching
  43. IX-12067: Applications
    Element reference in application.xml has invalid link reference attribute
  44. IX-12099: Text area
    Changes to the properties are not applied
  45. IX-12169: Grid
    "Zero" in the sheet title when creating a new sheet
  46. IX-12235: Control type Currency / Floating-point number
    Default format missmatch
  47. IX-12239: Multi-tenancy
    Unsaved changes are reset arbitrarily
  48. IX-12249: Groovy
    Binding not implemented correctly