Changelog for Online Update no. 03

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 09.12.2020

  1. Update to patch level 03
  2. IX-9134: Groovy
    Groovy scripts missing from processes
  3. IX-9201: Calendar
    Appointment tooltips sometimes do not load
  4. IX-9446: Portal - Import
    No content in the /path directory
  5. IX-9550: Mac OX X
    Links cannot be opened in a new tab with CTRL + Click
  6. IX-10219: Mac OX X
    Rendering problems in the Portable Portal Manager when displaying shortcuts
  7. IX-10325: Groovy
    Error when assigning a directMemberSet to users
  8. IX-10377: Groovy
    Error in a Groovy action in the process
  9. IX-10387: Edit menu structure
    Portal pages - Names cannot be changed
  10. IX-10446: PageAction and Rendering handlers
    Possible performance problems due to creating the organizational structure
  11. IX-10514: Tree
    Creating a new order also defines other folders as "Selected"
  12. IX-10561: Calendar
    Edit page with a calendar cannot be converted to a view page
  13. IX-10609: Data mapping
    Subquery is duplicated when copying a data group action
  14. IX-10625: Button
    Links to WriteContainers that are no longer required, due to changing to a different action, are not removed
  15. IX-10634: Portlets
    Tooltip in portlet closes straightaway
  16. IX-10654: Email service
    No entry in sendmail.log if an email cannot be sent
  17. IX-10683: Appointment series
    Error when a series with a file is changed (starting a new series)
  18. IX-10694: Dynamic view
    ix-max-width cannot be removed
  19. IX-10730: References
    Adding references to different data groups: duplicate key value damages unique constant "ix_lcappindex"
  20. IX-10747: Page - General properties
    "Use default styles" is no longer set when a page is created
  21. IX-10749: Tooltip positioning
    is not correct on hover
  22. IX-10775: Online Updates
    Missing portal patcher for the M-Files Connector template
  23. IX-10790: Online Updates
    Local Manager triggers an update download on remote servers
  24. IX-10806: Expert attribute "permalink"
    always has LID 1 in a table
  25. IX-10810: Register and change server
    Unknown certificate for a remote server that does not exist
  26. IX-10832: View table
    Tooltips are not closed on hover
  27. IX-10838: Velocity
    Provide one-time token for Velocity API to attach to session
  28. IX-10844: Pages
    CSS files are loaded without media specifications
  29. IX-10852: Responsive layout
    Small and medium view do not work in Intrexx Share
  30. IX-10854: Data field
    Data field can be deleted even though it is in use
  31. IX-10871: FileWalker
    "Name", "Selection" and "Position" columns cannot be defined
  32. IX-10884: Licenses
    When connecting without the supervisor, licenses are displayed as unassigned
  33. IX-10896: Portal Manager
    Custom temp directory
  34. IX-10927: Online Update
    SVG files are not rendered correctly after OU16
  35. IX-10928: Elements - Templates
    Unclear import message
  36. IX-10929: Portal - Import
    Passwords are not patched correctly
  37. IX-10932: Publish application
    Table names or column names, which differ only in case, cause errors
  38. IX-10934: Document Management System 3.0
    New version cannot be created
  39. IX-10979: Connector for OData
    executes MERGE (Update) instead of POST (Create) for a new data record and defined PK
  40. IX-11007: Resource element
    Incorrect appearance for data with missing reference
  41. IX-11021: Search
    for tags
  42. IX-11035: Resource element
    No resource is selected during creation
  43. IX-11037: Groovy
    Provide g_fileScript in GroovyIxSevlet

Structural changes

  1. IX-11044: Style class change
    CSS change in the data range mailer dialog (system/vm/html/datarange/drMailDlg.vm). The style class of radio buttons has been changed from "Radio" to "Radio_Standard". The "Radio" style class is no longer used in the (standard) layout and has been adjusted to make selected radio buttons visible again. It was not clear whether a radio button was selected or not before the fix.
  2. IX-10827: Mandatory fields in the hidden area
    If an edit field is mandatory and in the hidden area, a notifier appears at the bottom right with the title "Error during input validation" and the request "Please contact your application administrator with this information" (with the field GUID and the current date and time).
  3. IX-10811: Dropdown-Menü
    CSS change in the click down menu. The style class of the menu icons (burger) has been changed from "#Container_Menu_Droplist #menuopenclose" to "#Container_Menu_Droplist_menuopenclose". This concerns the rule "open / close menu - Input" and "open menü - menu container" in the click down menu "Open / close total menu" including all subitems.
  4. IX-10622: Buttons with "No action" – Select WriteContainers
    The buttons "Add container", "Remove container", "Move container up" and "Move container down" are only enabled if the button has the action "Save" or "Delete". The buttons are disabled for the "No action" action or if the panel is used in other link destination dialogs.