News - New features in Intrexx 20.09

1. General

1.1. Script editors

There is a new menu item in the "Edit" menu in the Velocity editor: Insert final line break on exit.

1.2. Improved front-end web server configuration

The user interface for the front-end web server configuration has been completely redesigned. Intuitive dialogs reduce the likelihood of errors.

1.3. Groovy

Groovy has been upgraded from version 2 to 3.

2. Applications module

2.1. Dependencies

Dependency filters can now be used to dynamically filter multiple selection elements.

2.2. Language constants and titles

There is now a new option in the application options: Preset for title fields. The "provide default title" setting now applies to the titles of data fields and data groups.

Furthermore, Intrexx now remembers whether you used a static title or a title from a constant when you last created a new element. The dialog for all new elements after this will be preset accordingly. You then simply need to enter the title or constant name.

2.3. Extended jump options

There are new jump options in 20.09:

2.4. New bindings

The bindings "uniqueID" and "uniqueGUID" are new. "uniqueID" generates a unique random number and "uniqueGUID" a unique Intrexx GUID

2.5. Image caching

Images uploaded to data groups in the web browser are cached. This improves the websites' performance.

3. Integration module

3.1. Connector API

A service user can now be mapped to specific Microsoft OneDrive credentials.

3.2. Connector for M-Files from Convergent

The brand new M-File Connector from Convergent allows you to synchronize data with Intrexx in real-time. This is made possible by the Intrexx Connector API. Data in connected network folders and systems are managed intelligently by the integrated AI. The new connector now fully integrates existing M-Files systems into Intrexx and makes this storage form accessible to all Intrexx users directly from the system.

4. Tools module

4.1. Application file filter

In the Search settings, there is now an application file filter with a blacklist and whitelist.