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Data records are listed in the following elements in Intrexx: These elements can be filtered dependent on other controls. All controls, including the various application pages that are JavaScript-capable, can be defined as triggering controls for a dependency. This allows, for example, a drop-down list to be configured in such a way that its entries will be filtered as soon as an event occurs in the triggering control. The dependent drop-down list will then, for example, show only the hotels that can be found in the currently selected city, or only the products in the selected product category. Click here for more information about dependencies.

Dependency filters, which are used in a multiple selection with Users and groups as the data source, are listed here but they cannot be created or edited from here. This can only be done on the "Dependencies" tab of the respective multiple selection element.


In this column, the title of each dependency is shown.


In this column you can see which element triggers which dependency.

Add dependency
Opens a dialog where a new dependency can be defined.

Edit dependency
Opens a dialog where the selected dependency can be edited.

Remove dependency
The dependency is deleted and is therefore no longer available to other controls.

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