Upgrade an existing installation

Upgrade The following step-by-step guide assumes that you are upgrading an existing Intrexx installation. This means you are installing Intrexx 20.03 in the same directory that an earlier version of Intrexx is already installed in. The advantage of this approach is that all configurations are kept.

New installation You can also install Intrexx 20.03 in a new directory and then transfer your data and portals from the earlier Intrexx version to Intrexx 20.03. More details about this are available in the chapter Parallel installation.

Please note: Only start the upgrade to Intrexx 20.03 once you have configured IIS or NGINX, respectively.

Download Contact United Planet or request a download link via our website (https://www.intrexx.com/en/intrexx#installationoptions).

Online Updates During the upgrade process, Intrexx checks whether Online Updates are available. If this is the case, the Online Updates will be installed during the upgrade process. It is important to install the Online Updates as well. It only makes sense to check your applications, processes and layouts after the Online Updates have been installed.

Portal patch If you install the upgrade in an existing directory, the portals will also be patched. During this process, Intrexx checks whether your portal from the previous version will function correctly in Intrexx 20.03 without any additional modifications. A corresponding report (logfile) will be generated that contains the respective notifications.

Step-by-step guide

To upgrade an existing installation to Intrexx 20.03, please proceed as follows:
  1. Execute the "setup.exe" file as the administrator (right-click > "Run as administrator").
    The welcome dialog for the Intrexx setup will be shown.

    Agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
  2. Click on "Next".
    The dialog for selecting the installation will be shown.

  3. Select the "Intrexx Portal Server Production Installation (Standalone)" option.
  4. Click on "Next".
    The dialog for selecting the Java Runtime Engine will be shown.

  5. Select the "JDK provided by Intrexx installer" option.
  6. Click on "Next".
    The dialog that provides a summary of the installation options will be shown.

    Name Description
    Installation directory If you are upgrading, the directory that the previous version of Intrexx (18.03) is installed in needs to be selected. If you select a new or empty directory, the setup will perform a new installation.
    Packages to be installed The presets can be left as they are here.
    Expert settings The presets can be left as they are here.
    Portal server configuration The presets can be left as they are here.
    Software update configuration The presets can be left as they are here.
  7. Click on "Start".
    The dialog with update notes will be shown.

    Read and confirm the update notes.
    Please make sure to create a backup before performing the upgrade.
  8. Click on "OK".
    The dialog that displays the progress of the portal patch will be shown.

  9. Once the portal patch is finished, click on "OK".
    The dialog for finishing the upgrade will be shown.

  10. Activate the checkbox "Start Intrexx Portal Manager".
  11. Click on "Finish".
    (If you have also activated the checkbox "Show installation logfile", the logfile will also open in the next step.)
    The dialog for changing the portal service or server will be shown.

    If you access multiple Portal Servers with the Portal Manager, then you can select these here.
  12. Click on "OK".
    The dialog that allows you to define when Intrexx should check for new Online Updates will be shown.

  13. Click on "OK".
    The process for installing available Online Updates will be started.

  14. Click on "Next".

  15. Click on "Start installation".
    You will receive a notification that Intrexx will be closed for the duration of the update. This means that your portal will not be available throughout.

  16. Click on "Yes".
    Another notification will open that will ask you to confirm the installation of the Online Update one more time.

  17. Click on "Yes".
    The dialog that displays the progress of the portal patch will be shown.

    Once the patch is finished, the "OK" button will be activated.

  18. Click on "OK".
    Once the Online Update has been installed, a dialog will appear and report that the update was successful.

  19. Click on "Finish".
    You have successfully upgraded Intrexx.