Changelog for Online Update no. 04

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 16.09.2020

A necessary adjustment to the Intrexx Share additional controls in the layout can lead to the fact that styles in the layout have to be adapted in own layouts. Make sure that the CSS class "#Action_Share .Share_Addition_Control" in the layout contains the following styles: #Action_Share .Share_Addition_Control { float: left; }
  1. Update to patch level 04
  2. IX-1405: View table
    Checkbox for selecting single table rows no longer works correctly
  3. IX-7414: Favorites portlet
    Favorites portlet cannot be configured by users without the "Edit portlet" setting
  4. IX-7905: References
    Problems when deleting a reference
  5. IX-8343: Groovy
    No longer possible to read the HTTP body via a request
  6. IX-9071: Portlet styles
    are remembered when an application is exported
  7. IX-9291: Calculation
    cannot average negative values
  8. IX-9296: Tab menu
    Jump to an edit page causes errors
  9. IX-9404: Additional control: Favorites
    Drop-down list in the layout is not shown
  10. IX-9473: Deleted application
    Portal not accessible
  11. IX-9478: Export processes and applications
    The file path is incorrect on Mac OS
  12. IX-9494: Parameters
    Problems with quotation marks
  13. IX-9561: Publish applications
    Using a duplicate GUID is not prevented
  14. IX-9675: View table
    does not refresh after being recreated
  15. IX-9728: Search
    Solr cannot process some date entries in EXIF information
  16. IX-9732: Lock column headings
    Is lost on reload
  17. IX-9739: Show/Hide
    groupings should be possible when the user clicks on the area next to it
  18. IX-9745: Data Picker
    Data Picker button GUID is not replaced when the page is copied
  19. IX-9753: Save buttons
    for edit tables in a child data group are not shown
  20. IX-9758: Forum
    ResultSet is not closed properly
  21. IX-9775: File storage location
    on Linux: "/" is changed to "\"
  22. IX-9779: portal.log
    Version history is not sorted
  23. IX-9780: Import
  24. IX-9786: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Timeline/Gantt: Date format cannot be adjusted
  25. IX-9825: Parameter
    gets lost
  26. IX-9847: Resource application
    Loading appointments sometimes takes a very long time
  27. IX-9851: Standard text editor
    URI with reserved characters
  28. IX-9854: Data Picker
    Other content on the page is briefly displaced when the button is clicked on
  29. IX-9857: eProcurement
    Error when the user clicks on the shopping basket
  30. IX-9858: Online Update
    Display error: OU 13 SIR 13 not installed
  31. IX-9861: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Timeline/Gantt: Relation to project
  32. IX-9888: CMS2 pages
    Breadcrumb path contains the name of the selected page layout
  33. IX-9892: Drop-down list
    Title is overwritten by the data field title
  34. IX-9907: eProcurement
    Items cannot be removed from the shopping basket
  35. IX-9909: eProcurement
    No request for minimum order quantity
  36. IX-9914: Calculation
    Values cannot be added to the formula at first
  37. IX-9954: Chart
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<'
  38. IX-9965: Processes
    JVM warnings in the portal startup log
  39. IX-9989: Velocity
    $Loader.getDataCollection().getProperties() no longer functions correctly
  40. IX-10033: Calculation
    returns 0 (or the fallback value) if TotalCount (table) is applied to a free layout table