Changelog for Online Update no. 03

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 19.08.2020

  1. Update to patch level 03
  2. IX-5799: Intrexx Share - Polls
    Uploaded image disappears when a category is specified
  3. IX-6840: Element settings - Optios - Vertical menu / Row menu / Block menu
    The setting "Upon click, open menu folder and target destination" should not be set by default
  4. IX-7119: Smartphone
    Error message is squeezed together
  5. IX-7544: Connect to portal
    Message about version numbers is incorrect
  6. IX-7561: Search
    Reference fields cannot be shown in the search
  7. IX-7695: Formula
    is denoted as incorrect even though the result is correct
  8. IX-7902: Drop-down list
    onchange event is not performed correctly after upgrading from 18.03 to 19.03
  9. IX-7924: Close Portal Manager
    asks the user to log in before closing in some circumstances
  10. IX-7977: Connector for Microsoft Office 365
    Value overflow for files larger than 2GB
  11. IX-8077: Global language constants
    Too much memory used by de.uplanet.lucy.language.LanguageConstant
  12. IX-8078: Calendar
    Tooltip with a destination in the current window (also a tooltip) is outside of the visible area
  13. IX-8103: Application properties - Permissions tab
    Dialog loads slowly
  14. IX-8161: Tooltip positioning
    Different behavior when opening in standard mode
  15. IX-8262: Sortable list properties - Entries
    Small errors in the dialog
  16. IX-8315: Import texts or global language constants
    Dialog does not refresh if the incorrect CSV separator is used
  17. IX-8511: Page wizard
    Timestamp column is added to view tables after clicking "Back"
  18. IX-8611: Edit menu structure
    Menu item with "Standard page" as the destination returns a portal page by mistake
  19. IX-8637: Parameters
    rq_TooltipTitle no longer available
  20. IX-8655: Tree element
    deletes attributes added on the Expert tab
  21. IX-8711: File selection element
    Performance problems due to uncached images
  22. IX-8721: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Errors on the overview page and debugger in a project
  23. IX-8739: Data Picker
    applied to an integer field with a thousands separator causes errors
  24. IX-8836: Export processes
    Does not function correctly on Windows
  25. IX-8845: Export dialog
    Sorting not possible
  26. IX-8848: Page wizard
    Date picker does not work correctly if the page was created using the page wizard
  27. IX-8856: Setup - Installation progress
    Increasing the dialog's size has no effect
  28. IX-8866: Page wizard
    only creates label titles in the default Portal Manager language
  29. IX-8873: Design module - Search
    Cursor moves to the start of the search term when the user presses Enter
  30. IX-8875: Design module - Control elements
    The label text for user-defined styles is cut off even though it has enough space
  31. IX-8891: Portlets - Ticker
    Does not support vertical scrolling or a custom transformation
  32. IX-8897: Applications module - Problems
    Problems are not shown if they reference data from another application
  33. IX-8908: JavaScript
    Browser.setValue no longer works correctly with drop-down lists
  34. IX-8943: Online Update
    Debug outputs during Online Update download
  35. IX-8949: Portal database
    Deleting fields removes dependant views in the PostgreSQL database
  36. IX-8956: Generate documents
    Email field generates blank lines in PDF
  37. IX-8972: Oracle
    Some columns are too short with Unicode Oracle
  38. IX-8976: Connector API
    Exception if a data field is in the field list more than once
  39. IX-8980: Global search
    throws exceptions in some circumstances
  40. IX-8981: Grid dialog
    Optimized memory usage
  41. IX-8992: JDBC user replication
    Assign memberships via a string primary key
  42. IX-8995: SimpleMailParser
    cannot handle duplicate attachment names
  43. IX-9000: Buttons
    with constants in tables display the incorrect hover text
  44. IX-9002: Application name
    is only shown after reloading
  45. IX-9003: Responsive layout
    Scrolling is not possible in some circumstances
  46. IX-9006: Data mapping
    is not saved in the drop-down list.
  47. IX-9011: Import application
    New notification that jar files cannot be replaced by the application import
  48. IX-9023: Favorites portlet
    The text "$App.getTitle($lang,...)" is shown in the "Selected" area
  49. IX-9027: NGINX
    Location matching rules are not specific enough
  50. IX-9029: Export
    New context menu to sort applications/processes
  51. IX-9030: NGINX
    Make the back-end reference when generating the NGINX configuration file clear
  52. IX-9051: WriteContainer
    Write_Session causes errors if the Binding field is blank
  53. IX-9052: Sortable list
    does not work in Internet Explorer
  54. IX-9064: Users module
    Properties are only assigned to one user if multiple users are selected
  55. IX-9069: Resource template
    Navigation when choosing resources
  56. IX-9073: Notifications portlet
    Contact link does not load the corresponding profile
  57. IX-9098: Administrator permissions in applications
    can be edited
  58. IX-9102: Free layout table
    loads page.js, application.js and de.js per row
  59. IX-9106: Dependency
    Multiple triggers if there are multiple free layout tables
  60. IX-9107: Free layout table
    refreshes multiple times
  61. IX-9124: Export application
    If an application is missing titles in a portal language and the portal language is currently set to one of these, then it is not shown in the export dialog
  62. IX-9132: Data groups
    Subselect filter applied to a child data group causes an SQL error
  63. IX-9135: Generating documents
    via a process causes errors if the template is on the top level
  64. IX-9137: Import application
    Changing .lax to .ixpr causes errors
  65. IX-9146: Additional controls for calendars - Plugin selector
    Plugins are still shown in the additional control after they have been deleted/removed
  66. IX-9147: Import application
    Description of the application import/export is not consistent
  67. IX-9151: Research
    Adjust export fields
  68. IX-9156: Resource element
    Calendar plugin filter is not processed if resource comes from appointments themselves
  69. IX-9166: Tree
    Entry in the hidden area cannot be published
  70. IX-9173: Filter
    causes an infinite loop
  71. IX-9179: Connection to SOLR cloud instance
    throws ClassDefNotFoundException org/apache/jute/Record
  72. IX-9182: SOLR configuration
    is ignored during portal creation
  73. IX-9183: Automatic increase
    increments too high
  74. IX-9185: Static text
    HTML is ignored when using language constants
  75. IX-9202: Chart
    Axis labels are only displayed if they come static text but not from language constants
  76. IX-9206: Search
    Menu entry as a search result with a link to an external URL does not respond
  77. IX-9212: FileWalker
    The change date of files is incorrect in the FileWalker search
  78. IX-9218: FileWalker
    Error with files with ()
  79. IX-9223: Drop-down list - Input required
    returns true instead of false
  80. IX-9265: Chart
    Scale legend to maximum width
  81. IX-9275: Connector for OData
    ODataFunctionImportCallable: Switch Case Fall Through
  82. IX-9278: Preallocate title field with prefix pattern
    An application with a table cannot be published if the prefix pattern is blank
  83. IX-9300: Import application
    Damaged ZIP file crashes the Portal Manager
  84. IX-9302: Import process
    Processes cannot be deactivated during import
  85. IX-9314: FileWalker
    Document cannot be downloaded
  86. IX-9316: Connector API
    Forced filters are not considered
  87. IX-9322: Certificate
    Intrexx icon is missing in the dialog if the certificate is unknown
  88. IX-9325: Publishing an application
    with columns that are already in the DB throws an exception instead of creating a log entry
  89. IX-9343: Copy view / Apply view
    Style class ix-max-width is not applied
  90. IX-9346: Connector for Microsoft Office 365
    Registration link in the Portal Manager is incorrect
  91. IX-9357: Gauge
    Missing title
  92. IX-9358: Gauge
    Value is displayed differently
  93. IX-9387: Portlets
    Modified properties are not shown in the grid in some circumstances
  94. IX-9401: View table with a preselection
    Pager does not respond
  95. IX-9402: Chart
    Legend behaves differently
  96. IX-9411: Exported portal
    cannot be imported
  97. IX-9421: Text area
    with write-protection do not have an oUp object
  98. IX-9430: "Forum" application template
    throws a NullPointerException
  99. IX-9449: Style classes
    Additional style classes in a view table column are applied to the inlying text element
  100. IX-9463: Delete application
    Does not work correctly if the application has a search configuration
  101. IX-9464: References
    GUIDs of missing data fields are not listed in the error messages
  102. IX-9479: Hijax links
    Style blocked by XSS
  103. IX-9492: Portal export
    ntext columns are not recognized correctly if the portal uses the Microsoft SQL Server database
  104. IX-9496: "Insert data record" action
    Tooltips are not accessible
  105. IX-9506: Oracle
    Invalid identifier when publishing a new application
  106. IX-9510: Destination options
    Tooltip confirm dialog does not work correctly
  107. IX-9518: Free layout table
    Auto pagination with SSO creates new sessions
  108. IX-9522: Destination options
    Tooltip does not close when jumping to a URL
  109. IX-9524: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Project management: Timeline/Gantt is not displayed correctly
  110. IX-9527: Free layout table
    Order is incorrect when creating an Excel export
  111. IX-9539: Destination options
    Tooltip confirm dialog - false by default
  112. IX-9543: Resource element
    Cannot create recurring appointments
  113. IX-9546: Resource element
    Month only has one month
  114. IX-9548: Create new portal
    Different path formats
  115. IX-9562: Create new portal
    Summary does not show that the log directory has been changed
  116. IX-9565: Generate documents
    throws a NullPointerException with a multiple selection element
  117. IX-9570: Setup log
    Unclear entries
  118. IX-9572: Index generation
    Specified column order is not kept
  119. IX-9580: Parameter
    is not resolved for a jump
  120. IX-9582: FileWalker
    Incorrect style class for the "Next" button in the search
  121. IX-9584: Import application
    File storage location can be assigned but does not work
  122. IX-9589: Portable Manager 9.2
    Error when launching
  123. IX-9592: Data mapping
    Drop-down list does not stay open
  124. IX-9595: FileWalker
    Links to a search result are broken if they are in a subdirectory
  125. IX-9634: Import Share 3.1.2
    Import functions correctly but there are entries in the log
  126. IX-9644: WebSockets
    Cannot subscribe to a topic from another application
  127. IX-9652: MQTT event sources
    must be restarted sporadically
  128. IX-9681: Send email
    Template in HTML emails that is not completely subdivided
  129. IX-9685: Processes
    Performance problems in Intrexx Version 19.03
  130. IX-9689: Automatic increase
    Default value does not work with external data groups
  131. IX-9714: Ticker
    does not work correctly if using content from a free layout table
  132. IX-9715: Formulae
    Documentation links go to Intrexx Version 8
  133. IX-9726: DataPicker
    Notification window is shown twice
  134. IX-9727: DataPicker
    does not clear results when the entered text is deleted