Changelog for Online Update No. 02

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 15.07.2020

  1. Update to patch level 02
  2. IX-2549: Connector API
    Support for HTTP Basic Auth and Kerberos
  3. IX-2694: M-Files connector
    Enter static users/service accounts
  4. IX-3801: "Statistics" system application
    Filter does not function with the French number format
  5. IX-5329: Free layout table
    If dependent on a drop-down list, the page is loaded, but the button is not displayed
  6. IX-6105: Multiple selection element
    Show/hide via a script does not function in some circumstances
  7. IX-6391: Additional control "Application name"
    Does not show the name if the page was opened via a tab menu and is not included in the application menu
  8. IX-6764: Advanced Techniques "Custom presentation of search results"
    Names of selectors are not shown
  9. IX-6907: Intrexx Share Portlet "Notifications"
    Not possible to full scroll through longer posts in the tooltip
  10. IX-7002: Tree element
    Error during drag & drop
  11. IX-7352: Edit menu structure
    Error when saving if additional parameters have been assigned and a homepage has not been selected
  12. IX-7447: Expert attribute
    Value of an attribute with quotation marks: Text is cut off or broken HTML is generated
  13. IX-7486: WriteContainer
    Order of WriteContainers in buttons is ignored when saving
  14. IX-7543: Connect to Supervisor
    Unclear message if there is a conflict in the versions of the server and client
  15. IX-7579: Free layout table
    Parameters cannot be selected in the Bindings dialog
  16. IX-7600: Free layout table
    Error when accessing Intrexx Share data groups
  17. IX-7619: Parameter
    In some circumstances, an edit page receives parameters that should not actually have a value
  18. IX-7626: Edit menu structure
    "dontshow" no longer functions
  19. IX-7656: Certificate data
    Dialog does not generate a CSR file
  20. IX-7685: Mobile layout for smartphones
    Styles for "Input required" are missing
  21. IX-7696: Subquery
    Drop-down list returns a different result to view tables even if the filter is the same
  22. IX-7756: Notes portlet
    no longer saves
  23. IX-7851: Parameter
    Reflected cross-site scripting
  24. IX-7868: Radio button
    If there are multiple radio button groups on one page, only the first control is checked as to whether it is mandatory
  25. IX-7893: Tree
    Subsequent error after copying a page
  26. IX-7899: Create new portal
    Service wrapper for portals outside of the Intrexx directory has the wrong path for the language pack
  27. IX-7906: "Text" buttons
    "Title from data field" causes an error
  28. IX-7925: Expert attribute
    "show-only-stuffed" does not trigger dependency correctly
  29. IX-7927: Application template "Resource"
    English translation incomplete
  30. IX-7928: Application template "Forum"
    English translation incomplete
  31. IX-7929: Application template "Newsletter"
    English translation incomplete
  32. IX-7946: Intrexx Share - "Events" module
    Email addresses of attendees are not transferred to the mail client
  33. IX-7976: File selection element
    "Upload file" button is not shown in the browser
  34. IX-7991: Menüs
    Brotkrümelpfad funktioniert nicht
  35. IX-7997: SystemCare-Logdateien
    Zeitstempel nicht korrekt
  36. IX-8023: Tree
    display:block; removed in "img" tag
  37. IX-8028: Publish application
    causes errors
  38. IX-8033: Tagging - Bookmarks
    Tags cannot be edited
  39. IX-8064: Tooltip
    actionClose does not respond
  40. IX-8096: Applications
    Current editor and date are shown incorrectly
  41. IX-8100: "Telephone" protocol in view fields
    is displayed as "tel:"
  42. IX-8108: Chart
    Dynamic guides - Chart is not shown in the browser
  43. IX-8109: Export portal
    ZIP export fails if two links point to one file
  44. IX-8117: Calculation
    GUID is not resolved
  45. IX-8130: Gallery
    Ensure that blueimp gallery is only initialized once
  46. IX-8131: Import application
    Too many files are shown immediately after the import
  47. IX-8132: Groovy ActionHandler
    is called too late
  48. IX-8135: View table
    Query dialog has no question when converting the table layout to DIV
  49. IX-8138: Dependencies
    Trigger problems from "onchange" of a field
  50. IX-8139: View table
    Preselection with an "Email" string does not work
  51. IX-8141: Chart
    performs SELECT * FROM TABLE on the database
  52. IX-8150: Online Update
    Progress when updating a portal stays at 5%
  53. IX-8153: Connector API
    Enter static users/service accounts
  54. IX-8164: Solr search server
    Old cores/collections are still shown
  55. IX-8165: Task scheduler
    Application indexing not differentiated
  56. IX-8168: Solr search server
    "Regenerate indexes" not intuitive
  57. IX-8169: Portal import
    If there is an error, the search is not prepared fully
  58. IX-8172: View tree
    View tree element in 9200 OU 11 has a different appearance if images are involved
  59. IX-8173: Data group action
    An error occurs if a copied data group action is changed from "Update" to "Delete"
  60. IX-8177: Destination options
    Refreshing the parent window sometimes does not work correctly if the parent window is a tooltip
  61. IX-8195: Log in to portal
    only works without a slash at the end of the URL
  62. IX-8200: File selection element
    Dialog for new saved values does not display values from the displayed data group
  63. IX-8203: File selection element
    File storage location is lost when switching from an edit page to a view page
  64. IX-8212: Parameters
    Incorrect handling
  65. IX-8258: Email configuration
    Invalid binding attribute in the schema for "recipient" and "recipient_cc"
  66. IX-8280: Free layout table
    ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when a page with a free layout table is opened
  67. IX-8286: Notifications in the browser
    are no longer hidden after a certain time
  68. IX-8297: Data transfer
  69. IX-8326: Expert attribute
    hiddenfield sends the control name instead of the value
  70. IX-8338: SystemCare logfiles
    Archive older logfiles
  71. IX-8342: Hijax links
    with the "current" attribute do not jump to the current page if this is a portlet
  72. IX-8350: Execution options
    Cast exception in DataGridHistoryProvider
  73. IX-8359: Parameter
    Invalid fallback values are not always recognized in dialogs
  74. IX-8369: CMS2 menu
    Close menu if a menu item is clicked on that does not have any subordinate items
  75. IX-8370: CMS2 menu
    Update when the publishing location changes
  76. IX-8373: Global language constants
    meta_application.xml: No title from new constant
  77. IX-8376: WriteContainer
    Write binding with record="new" is not ignored when saving an existing data record
  78. IX-8384: Tree element
    Drag & drop in modal tooltips
  79. IX-8389: Search in applications
    Search is performed twice if the search is initiated with the "Enter" key in the search field
  80. IX-8391: Parameter
    "parent" binding cannot be resolved for buttons in view tables
  81. IX-8392: Connectors
    OAuth2: Enable user update after login
  82. IX-8398: Document Management System 3.0
    ValidateException when tags are clicked on
  83. IX-8403: Grid
    Delete and re-edit containers causes an error
  84. IX-8406: Stylesheet
    Blank entry
  85. IX-8478: Application import
    Error in NamePatcher prevents an existing application from being overwritten
  86. IX-8488: Page for mobile devices
    onchange event is not triggered by the number block
  87. IX-8502: Online Update
    Online Updates for Intrexx 19.03 cannot be installed after upgrading an existing installation
  88. IX-8505: Login
    Memory access error in WindowsLoginProvider if the domain is null
  89. IX-8512: OData connector
    OData client does not invalidate Intrexx OData service sessions correctly
  90. IX-8513: Create new portal
    Not possible under some circumstances
  91. IX-8560: Drop-down list
    customdefault does not work
  92. IX-8563: Online Surveys 2.0
    Message for mandatory field is not shown correctly
  93. IX-8569: Drop-down menu - Menu items
    Set "selected" options to "true" by default
  94. IX-8579: View text area
    with the setting "Activate tags" always opens tags defined as links in a tooltip
  95. IX-8618: Intrexx Share - "Events" module
    Events are shown as "Post from event"
  96. IX-8624: Connector for M-Files
    Integrate into setup/OU build
  97. IX-8633: Task scheduler
    Cannot scroll or filter while a relative timer is being executed
  98. IX-8645: Search in the Portal Manager
    behaves differently in Intrexx 19.03 to the search in 18.03
  99. IX-8653: Analyze logfile
    Error with large files
  100. IX-8660: References
    If the same application is not referenced, constraints are not applied to the database
  101. IX-8673: Intrexx Share - News
    Error when clicking on "More results"
  102. IX-8690: JavaScript
    g_Portal is not defined
  103. IX-8694: Importing applications
    with categories from language constants fails
  104. IX-8697: Start Portal Manager
  105. IX-8703: Import
    Leading slash in the file path for application images after importing from Intrexx Version 19.03
  106. IX-8743: Data mapping in drop-down lists and listboxes
    Relevant data records cannot be found
  107. IX-8745: Intrexx Share - Notifications symbol
    is displaced after updating to Share 3.1.1
  108. IX-8827: Intrexx Share - Comments
    Image scaling in comments causes a blur effect
  109. IX-8829: Fallback value / Bindings
    New: uniqueGuid and uniqueId
  110. IX-8857: View page with elements
    When created from an edit page, GUIDs on the "Settings" tab are not updated
  111. IX-8887: JavaScript
    Browser.setValue() converts pipes to commas
  112. IX-8955: JavaScript
    Browser.setValue() for radio control group does not set the value for the corresponding radio button
  113. IX-9210: Data mapping in drop-down lists and listboxes
    Button to edit data mapping cannot be selected
  114. IX-9307: Multiple selection element
    Show/hide cannot be addressed with its GUID after entries have been selected
  115. IX-9463: Applications
    with search configurations cannot be deleted
  116. IX-9650: Calculation
    loads entire table data in the main memory